Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sigh of Relief

This morning we went to church as a family which seemed strange without our new baby in my arms. But it was oh so good to worship with fellow believers. There is nothing quite like the church body that rallies around to encourage and minister to your soul. If you read yesterday's post I talked about the lyrics from "Praise to the Lord the Almighty" and wouldn't you know that was the first hymn we sang today.

On our drive into town we were talking about last Sunday and how we weren't sure if Grace would make it through and how afraid we both felt. Praise The Lord He had a different plan and over this week we have repeatedly seen His love and care for us.

I had a checkup on Friday and Dr. Alice mentioned that the hard deliveries were continuing and that day she was going to deliver a 30 week old stillborn baby. Oh my! At that moment I realized how thankful I am that this is the trial that God has chosen for us to walk through. Dr. Alice said how ours has challenges as well but yet I told her that I was able to hold my baby this week and I am so grateful.

John called for an update this morning and thank you prayer warriors who were able to pray with us last night as they began feeding Grace during the night! And when John talked to the nurse she was getting ready for another feeding! Yay! Our little girl is getting her belly filled. The nurse said they had decided not to wait for her oxygen pressure to come down and then today they were able to lower it to 2.0. The next step is to move to a regular nasal cannula rather than the "high flow" one she is on.

We headed to Milwaukee today so encouraged and with Grace's brothers and sister very excited to meet her.

 photo my-girls_zps7ecd0bda.jpg
My girls

Only 4 people can be in Grace's area at a time so we shuttled children back and forth from "the porch" (waiting room) repeatedly washing their hands for 2 min. Simon wasn't so sure why we were showing him this baby and he must have wondered what exactly this has to do with him but the rest of the kids were happy to hold her little fingers and feel her silky hair.

 photo Seth-n-Grace_zps94037ebe.jpg

 photo Noah-w-Grace_zps35327c1c.jpg
And my Mom was able to hold Grace for the first time.

 photo Grandma-w-Grace_zpsf04e74ea.jpg

John and I helped with the tube feeding of my milk and my sweet girl spit up on me. Funny the little things that mean so much at this time.

 photo tube-feeding_zps2c7bf916.jpg

We have also found that Grace does have quite the cry. When her vent was in and she was sedated I would hear other babies screaming and I wondered when that would be her. Well, tonight we could hear her screaming when we were down the hall, so I think we have arrived at that moment. Right before we left Gracie graduated to a "big girl bed" and they also dressed her! Looking forward to see what this week holds for us.

 photo new-bed_zpsbbf1d863.jpg

We came home tonight sighing with relief at the difference in Grace from yesterday. We are yet again so thankful for more progress with every step closer to coming home.

 photo looking-at-Daddy_zpscb8acb92.jpg

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High
will abide in the shadow of the Almighty.
I will say to the Lord, “My refuge and my fortress,
my God, in whom I trust.”
Psalm 91:1-2

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