Saturday, January 11, 2014

2 Months

Our little GEM was 2 months old on the 1st of this new year! Every milestone causes us to reflect back and be ever so grateful.

 photo Almost-2-months_4341_zpsbd47ee02.jpg

Little girl, you are growing and are up to 10.5 pounds and with my quick measuring around 22 inches long. (But since I didn't post this right away you are now up to 11.5 pounds). We used up the last newborn diapers which were getting quite tight but I didn't want to waste them so you are now in a size 1. And no more newborn clothes either. Even some of the 0-3 month size is a bit long at times.

I am still waiting for you to form a more consistent routine and I suppose I need to stop comparing you to the rest of your siblings in that regard. You still eat every 3 hours give or take and you enjoy taking your time. Napping is very sporadic with very few long periods of rest. You seem to wake often with gas, which seems to be the norm for most of our babies. At night my goal is to last feed you around 10:30 p.m. then you go down for the night. It varies as to when you wake but often by 2 a.m. then again at 6 a.m. which is really good. I still am totally out of it during the 2 a.m. feeding. I tried to stay awake by playing on my phone but yet I wake and my phone is next to me as if it fell out of my hand. I guess I am tired.

This is probably a "no no" but you sleep in the pack 'n' play with a boppy pillow propping you up. It started because your nose often sounds snuffly and you seem to be more content that way. But now you don't like to lay flat at all. We have a folded blanket supporting you and I imagine you feel more secure surrounded. You still are sleeping next to our bed so no worries.

 photo Sleeping-boppy-style_zpsb9e8a5d1.jpg 

Unfortunately, your fussiness has increased  and as a typical baby it gets worse before it gets better. We started you on one of my favorite finds with Zippy which is Colic Calm to soothe your tummy trouble. Of course Zippy decided to dump the entire bottle out on our bed (contains black activated charcoal -- lovely) so we had to buy more. But really I need to get you back on probiotics to get to the root of the problem.

As always your Daddy has the magic touch when it comes to calming you. He scrunches up your legs so you are in a little ball against his chest while patting your back and whispering calming words in your ear. So sweet! He does not like to see you with any discomfort and is quick to take you back from anyone holding you who isn't able to calm you.

 photo Grace-n-Daddy-sleeping_4470_zpsc1ee2f94.jpg

Your smiles are increasing gradually but I have yet to capture one on camera. You are making new sounds each day and even your brother Zippy noticed and told me that you say "nnn-ga"

Children's hospital called to get you started in the follow-up program which means you will have an evaluation every six months beginning next month.

We enjoyed your first Christmas but you weren't exactly thrilled. It seems you really enjoy being at home best of all.

 photo Christmas-Our-Family_zps6b02ae6b.jpg 

Sisters <3

 photo Katie-n-Gracie_4380_zps7abb7da9.jpg

We are so thankful and delighted to have you as part of our family Gracie!
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