Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Life Goes On

I am going to go back to nicknames for my children. Look at my sidebar if you want to see who I am talking about.

Last night I was reminded of exactly what having a new baby entails. Over the past two weeks I thought I was tired out and I was in a sense but honestly I got so much rest during that time and it was a good and needed thing. Being my 8th baby I thought I would have remembered the exhausted feeling the minute you wake in the morning. Although, Grace was wonderful and kept to her every 3 hours, I just wasn't used to it. The nice thing about pregnancy is that in the final months you end up waking in the night numerous times and it kind of prepares you for getting up with a baby. My time of rest threw that off.

Today has been interesting. It is the first day all of us have been home an entire day. A day to try and get back into a routine, especially for Zippy. He has been without a nap way too many days and today when I had George put him down (I can't lift him for 6 weeks) he screamed. I was patient in the beginning and tried to work him through it but it ended up he was disobeying and it was a seemingly endless battle. I had to take a break and was crying in frustration but remembered a verse I kept reciting to myself while in the hospital with Grace. This may be a small in comparison to our trial with Grace but I still need to bring my burdens to the Lord, the only place my help will come from. He is my refuge and strength. Zippy did eventually exhaust himself to sleep.

Here he is happy wanting to be swaddled like "Baby Grace"

 photo Simon_3689_zps93691cea.jpg

Grace is catching on to breastfeeding much better today. She had gotten used to the bottle and would wait for the milk to pour into her mouth. She does choke with the amount of milk but I am used to that as a few of my babies have done the same so I have to keep taking her off and restarting. When it happens I hear the alarms go off in my mind as at the hospital when she did that it registered as her stopping breathing and a couple nurses would come running to check what happened. Today, it was just the two of us and blissfully no alarms.

 photo Noah-n-Grace_3704_zps304b6c90.jpg

The kids are all enamored with their little sister. So far they have been good about taking turns holding her. Each time Gracie is in her bed I find Tank sitting next to her. He told me that he doesn't want her to feel alone and if she opens her eyes at all he comforts her. So sweet! (I need to get a picture of that).

 photo 19-days_3683_zpsc21e0c4f.jpg

John is back to work as normal and was very busy today. I am finding how much I miss him. We had kind of a continuous date going down to Milwaukee almost every day together. We needed that too. Granted, I wouldn't choose that way to have times alone together but none-the-less, it was good.

And life moves on.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I've been sick and sleeping the last few days and it is so wonderful to wake up to this good news!
I'm so happy for you all and so thankful to God that He brought baby Grace through this time unscathed.
Happy Babymoon!


Heather said...

Um, just wondering when "George" grew up ... wow ... not a little boy any longer! What a great picture, the eldest and youngest. Beautiful!

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