Friday, March 30, 2007

Happy 65th Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa!

Grandma and Grandpa's wedding pictureGrandma and Grandpa's Wedding Picture in 1942

This past weekend we celebrated my Grandparents 65th Wedding Anniversary! We had quite a group gather to honor them and give tribute. It was such a special time with family and old friends.

Grandma and Grandpa with most of the family (they had 6 children)

We had a short program which was a highlight. My Dad and uncles sang in harmony some of the songs that my grandparents love including a song I will always associate with my Grandpa, “Soon and Very Soon”.  On that note he went up to add his tenor voice along with them and had us all join in. The great-grandchildren, which included my children, sang “The B-I-B-L-E”, and my Aunt wrote a skit called “This Is Your Life” which had various family members acting out the different times in Grandma and Grandpa’s marriage. Missy Blue played my Aunt as a baby and was quite a little doll in her bonnet.

Missy Blue playing my Aunt

Everyone joined in choruses and then my Grandparents spoke. Grandpa shared how they had been through so much in their time together but the things that kept them strong were Grandma and the Lord. He told of the support and helpmeet she has been to him through all these years and I have seen that evidenced so clearly. Grandma shared one of her favorite verses that has carried her through, Psalm 46:1 “God, is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” The thing that really brought tears to my eyes was when they told how when they lie in bed at night they sing together the chorus…”Thank You Lord, for saving my soul. Thank You Lord, for making me whole. Thank You Lord, for giving to me, Thy great salvation so rich and free.” They love the Lord and put Him first, they love each other, and they love their family. They often remind me that they are praying for us and how they pray for each one in our family. What a special couple! I praise God for the example they have been to us of a marriage with Christ at the Head. My cousin sang the Steve Green song which summed it up best. “Oh, may all who come behind us find us faithful….” My grandparents have truly been faithful and have touched many lives.

Grandma and Grandpa today

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Spring at last!

Spring has arrived! My husband and I stood out on the porch last night feeling the breezes blow listening to the distant thunder and taking in that wonderful scent that only comes in spring. Ahhh! It was an above normal “warm” night for us in March at 55 degrees. That always amuses us with the fact that in fall at that same temperature it would feel chilly. My Grandma L. said a few years back that she enjoyed the winter for the fact that when it was over she appreciated the spring and summer all the more. I definitely agree. Without all of the dreariness and cold of winter would I take as much delight in each sign of new life we find? How exciting to watch the trees beginning to bud, to see green grass finally poking out among all the brown, to watch the birds building a new nest and to know that God has ordered all of this. This brings the words of my Grandma E.’s favorite hymn to mind…

How Great Thou Art
O Lord, my God, when I in awesome wonder
Consider all the worlds Thy hands have made,
I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder,
Thy pow'r thro'out the universe displayed......

Then sings my soul, my Savior God, to Thee;
 How great Thou art! How great Thou art!
Then sings my sou, my Savior God to Thee;
How great Thou art! How great Thou art!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

One Less Diaper!

The topic of potty training elicits so many different responses from people. Some potty-train their child early as a toddler while others wait until the child is getting to the point where people question what is taking so long, and still others I have heard of will train their baby (parent train?).  It took our twins until they were close to four years before they were potty-trained. That wasn’t for a lack of trying as we did attempt it numerous times. It was difficult with them as it was twice the mess to clean up and they just never seemed to understand why they were getting wet in the first place. Then of course there are some mom’s who feel the need to offer their opinion which often isn’t always very encouraging.

I finally decided that it was time to potty-train Tank who turned three in January. It is never my favorite thing to do, (is it anyone’s?) and I realized that I hadn’t tried because I didn’t want to deal with the hassle of it. My husband agreed that Tank was probably ready but we were being lazy. So, we began a week ago and amazingly enough it took about three days and only two accidents! I would say that he was ready! That is the wonderful thing about a child being truely ready; it isn’t as much work as when trying to train them early on. This is the first time in five years that we have only had one diaper to change and it is an amazing feeling. It makes me almost ready to start training Missy Blue (almost). Tank is now a "big boy" and is pretty excited about that and all of the other things that big boys can do.

'I'm a big boy!"

Monday, March 12, 2007

Our Annual Field Trip

model trainOne of the model trains

We took our annual trip along with my parents and my sister and her family to a Horticultural Conservatory the first weekend in March. Each year the “Domes” have a model train show running through their show dome made up with small towns and ponds throughout.  It is very well done and the boys picked up information on how to make our yard into a model train garden.  We have been going since George was 2 1/2 so it has become a bit nostalgic now.  The children also did enjoy going through the arid climate dome and also the tropical climate where they were “so hot!” George tried taking a few pictures of his own so he can draw pictures of his favorite plants at home.


all the grandkidsAll the grandchildren (Tank didn't want his picture taken)

Bird of ParadiseGeorge's picture of his favorite -- Bird of Paradise

Monday, March 5, 2007

Help with Picky Eater

Do any of you have a picky eater? I have not had one before and my four boys have always eaten almost anything that I make. They love vegetables and salads and we have only occasionally had a child not want to eat a meal but in the end they have at least tried a bite. I have always heard Moms talk of their picky eaters and was very thankful that my children were not that at all! I did think some of it had to do with parents giving into their children's demands.

Now I have a picky eater of my own and she is only 16 months old! Missy Blue Eyes loves yogurt, blueberries, cheerios, and bread and that is mainly all,  unless her great-grandpa feeds her dessert for a treat. To make sure that she eats I have been serving a variety for meals and we are happy if she eats at least one of those items. However, lately she looks for the bread with a meal and shakes her head at any other food we present her with (for the most part). The thing is that she has no idea if she likes it and it is really bothering me. With our older children we would not give them anything else until they tried what was on their plate but weren't sure if we should do this with a 16 month old. Tonight we tried it and would not give her bread until she ate any of the other items on her plate which consisted of cucumbers (she has eaten in the past), chicken, and broccoli. I have yet to get her to eat chicken that is not mixed well with another item. So she did not eat but had some milk and cried on and off. We saved her plate for when she was really hungry but unfortunately it was drowned in milk that was spilled. So she ended up getting bread. Missy Blue also refuses to eat oatmeal but yet has never tried it.

I am getting frustrated and will not be a short-order cook! I continue to think back to Little House on the Prairie Days and know that Ma wouldn't have crackers or cheerios in her cupboard to give a baby who didn't want to eat. Any suggestions??

Friday, March 2, 2007

The conscience of a child

Last night I caught Pete saying a naughty word. Judging by the expression on his face and the fact that I haven't heard it before he did not know that it wasn't a part of our everyday speech. Our twins both have a very sensitive spirit and the minute I asked Pete to come and talk with me he started to cry. I explained why we do not say this and wondered where he had heard it but he did not know. (Children catch things too quickly!) He is now aware that he should never say it again but was bothered by it for the next hour or more. He was very sullen and even after he was in bed started crying about it again. We asked why he was crying and he said that he couldn't stop thinking about what he said. My husband reminded him of our love and God's love for him and we prayed with him for a peaceful night of sleep. The bible verse we will learn for next week is...Ephesians 4:29  "Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth, but what is good for necessary edification, that it may impart grace to the hearers."

Snow much fun!

My favorite picture -- George peeking out from our fort. I love his freckles!

We have had a lot of snow this week and it has been so much fun to play in! We had been waiting for some "packy-snow" to create a snowman and build a snow fort. Sunday church was canceled due to the snow storm and the boys had a grand time having snowball fights with Daddy and rolling around in the snow. Monday after the winds had died down I was excited to get out there myself. The boys and I made a snow Mommy with a child on it's back (a Family Fun idea) and it turned out really cute!

We took a break for our traditional snow treat of snow cones with flavored soda and then got busy building a snow fort.

Tank enjoying a "real snow" cone.

The fun continued that evening and even Missy Blue was bundled up but didn't enjoy herself near as much as the rest of us. Today it is snowing again and the boys are excited that Grandpa and Grandma are coming over to go sledding! Are they here yet?

   Missy Blue looking out the window for a brief smile.

With all of the fun and playing that I have done with my children this week I have found how much better the day and especially school goes. There are so many times where a child will ask me to play and I always have something else that I "need to do". I  was reminded this week that playing is learning. I love to play but need to take the time for it!

Can't resist the taste of fresh snow!
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