Homeschool Days

We began homeschooling right from the very beginning with George and have been on this journey ever since. It changes from year to year, season to season depending on what is happening in our lives. We have had a few bumps along the way and have found reading difficulties with our three oldest.

I found this quote that totally sums up how I feel about "schooling" -- "Live your life. Invite children to join in! Education is a continuum of everyday life. Read together. Pray together. Sing together. Work, bake, garden, chore, clean, sew, fix, build together. No artificial demarcation lines between schooling and living. Just live a one-piece life." ~ Ann Morton Voskamp

And another from an article written by a homeschool father and author John Mark Reynolds -- "We are not perfect educators . . . most days we are just good enough, but we are who we are! I suspect that is a good thing . . . as the million home school house holds will all be unique, failing at different things, and flourishing in their own odd ways.

... the home school family is creating culture . . . and in most houses that rests on the mother. She, like Dante’s Beatrice, is a figure of beauty that calls a culture back to true love and life. It is a job that our culture ignores or despises since it defies every convention and every demand of our materialistic age. She works without wages, teaches for the love only of her students, and receives only the honor we can give her.”

Here is a list of what we are currently using:

Reading historical fiction aloud.
Teaching Textbooks for math for the three oldest
Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons
Apologia Exploring Creation through Botany
Five In A Row

George 5/6 grade is using:
Character Italics
Story Starters
Queen Language Lessons

Have used:
Sonlight curriculum
My Father's World American History
Mystery of History
Veritas Press Phonics Museum
Sequential Spelling
Getty Dubay Italics

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