Saturday, April 17, 2010

4H Music/Drama festival

I can't believe I forgot to blog about this! I was going through my posts and found this one still in draft mode. This is back from February.

The boys are in 4H and this year I thought they should try being involved in the play our group was putting on for the Music and Drama festival. At the first meeting in January a few of them weren't too sure they wanted to do it but Pete was ready and volunteered for a larger part. We began practice for the musical version of the children's book "King Bidgood's In the Bathtub" by Audrey Wood the following week and George was disappointed that he had not wanted more lines as he was really enjoying it. We had practice twice a week during the month of January and February and the final week as it was crunch time we were practicing almost every day. We were busy but it was well worth it.

The boys easily learned their lines and the music by listening to the audio that came with the book. Even Missy Blue was singing along and saying the queen's lines by the time we were done. And at the dress rehearsal I caught Seppy saying "Who knows what to do?" a very common line in the play.

This year our group got an award for Best Use of the Stage. We really thought they did a wonderful job! I know my boys had fun and were able to get to know some of the kids a little better. It was also so good for them to be on stage performing and learn a bit of confidence in that area. Next year George plans to have a larger part and I am sure Pete will again be ready to volunteer also.

The lighting in the pictures is a little off and some are blurry but the theater was dark.King Bidgood's Court

Pete as the Duke, always very serious when saying lines.
He needs to work a bit on looking like he is having fun.

The Duke's in the tub trying to convince the King to get out while fishing for trout.

The whole court got in the tub near the end. But ultimately the Page pulled the plug.



Monday, April 5, 2010

Newest Addition

Meet the newest addition to our family -- Honest Abe "Lincoln"!  We picked him up a week ago and were surprised at how well he did on the 4 hour ride home. He is the sweetest little puppy and likes to give kisses. His favorite position is on his back for a belly rub. Here is our first day home with the gang.

I am finding having a puppy to be more work than I remembered it to be and having Lincoln is similar in many ways to having a baby. The boys try to help out with feeding him and taking him out but at this point Lincoln cannot keep up with them and often will lay down in the grass with a stick to chew on and so they get bored with him. It also takes a bit more planning before we leave the house for any period of time, which I need to get used to.

Thankfully Lincoln only had one night where he needed to go out at 2 a.m. but otherwise he is sleeping from 10 p.m. - 6 a.m. He will wake earlier if he hears John leaving at 5 a.m. but John has taken to sneaking out -- although this morning it took him 10 minutes to walk down our hallway! :)- Tonight we are covering the front of the crate with a blanket.

Our two children who were afraid of dogs have adjusted well and I cannot tell that they were afraid with how they love on Lincoln. Only Seppy is our holdout and is not sure. He will pet him when he is sleeping but gets out of the way when Lincoln is raring to go. I suppose he will get used to him in time.

I have a sleeping, snoring, puppy at my feet as I type. Lincoln tends to like to sleep at my feet when I am in the kitchen and such.  John calls him my "foot warmer" which I certaintly can use! Here is our Lincoln (after rolling in the dirt) looking so handsome -- the next subject for my camera. :)

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