Sunday, November 17, 2013

All Together

Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures forever!
1 Chronicles 16:34

We have had a great day all together as a family in Grace's room. We brought snacks which was nice not having to go to the deli or cafeteria for a change. The kids each took turns holding Grace and I am surprised I ever got turn.

Do you notice anything different about our little girl's sweet face?

 photo 16-days_3647_zpsc2c6bae9.jpg

We were pleasantly surprised to find that Grace had pulled her NG tube out last night and they kept it out! She also took all of her bottles through the night. I talked to her night nurse, Amy, who was the one who facilitated me holding Grace for the first time and she said that "Grace is a rockstar and should be out of here soon."

The details of Grace's feedings may not be all that interesting but are the main reason she is still here. The doctors have put her on "ad lib" which means she eats when she wakes as long as it isn't longer than 4 hours. The nurses still try for every 3 hours but she doesn't have a required amount to eat. Right before we arrived she took in 70cc and later I was able to nurse her and she took 58 cc. Now they just take note of how much she eats or for how long she nurses.

Gracie is getting liquid vitamins and that wakes her up as it is a nasty taste. She disliked it so much she didn't want to swallow and kept gargling with it and swishing around in her mouth so that it drooled out. The rest of the time she smelled like a vitamin. That girl needs a bath!

It looks like we are nearing an end. Here is Grace with each of her brothers. I love it!

 photo Noah-n-Grace_3627_zps11b13a84.jpg

 photo Luke-n-Grace_3615_zps7b00e929.jpg

 photo Jonah-n-Grace_3611_zps0afadba8.jpg

 photo Thomas-n-Grace_3581_zps60c94c11.jpg 

 photo Seth-n-Grace_3583_zpsd344ff9d.jpg 

 photo Simon-n-Grace_3604_zps86cafa7e.jpg


Katie Zimmerman said...

My heart is overflowing...God is so good!

Anonymous said...

Praising God she is doing so well and I'm sure she will be home soon. Wonderful that you guys got to be together with her and snuggle her. I'm sure she didn't mind being held so much, either :)


Rachel Ohrmund said...

Thanks for sharing the wonderful news!

Anonymous said...

That last picture can't be of Simon! He looks SO grown up holding Grace!

SO glad to hear this great news - we'll keep praying!!


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