Friday, February 25, 2011

4H Musical -- American Dream

We had an exciting day Saturday! Five of our children participated in the 4H Music & Drama festival with our club the Willing Workers. They put on a condensed version of "American Dream" telling America's history through song.
George as Leif Erikson looking over his map. He had one of the biggest parts (which he requested)
Parts were assigned mid-January and then the work began meeting twice a week for practices. At first we weren't sure how this was going to come together but slowly and surely they improved. Although last week a few of us moms looked at each other when the kids forgot the first verse of the first song wondering how well they really would do. The ages of our group ranged from 5 - 18 but they work well together with the older ones helping the younger.

I painted the backdrop (which didn't turn out exactly as I envisioned but I did it in a day) and also the letters for America. We each found costumes from various sources but they turned out great as we got an award for best costumes.
During one of our practices. Missy has her exclamation upside down. Tank holds the letter R (for the right to pray as you please)
The day of the performance I think I was more nervous than my children were. We had hoped to get a practice in before going on stage but there were so many other groups trying to practice that it was just hilarious trying to sing our songs. I was behind the backdrop helping with costume changes so I didn't even see the actual performance but it sure sounded good.

Afterwards we went to hear the judges comments and I had a hard time not letting my tears fall as I heard so much praise for our group. I cannot even express in words how proud I was of our children for all the effort they put into this and they gave it their all. Even my little Missy Blue sang and danced along with the rest and the judges were amazed that she didn't get lost in the crowd but kept up with everyone else.

The end of the day brought the judges results and we were hopeful but didn't know what to think. In the end our group won for best musical!!! Which means they will now go to the state fair and perform again competing against other 4H groups from around the state. Very exciting!!!

Pete is on the far left cut off a bit, Re-Pete is in the middle with Tank in front of him and Missy up front. George is on the right.
George played -- Leif Erikson and then changed into a Thomas Jefferson costume for a song
Pete played -- a pilgrim man and then had a larger part when he was Tecumseh (he makes me smile with his bold voice and actions he puts with it)
Re-Pete -- reluctantly participated but ended up enjoying playing Vasco Balboa and then a Colonist
Tank -- really liked being Daniel Boone.
Missy -- dressed as a pioneer girl but didn't have any lines. She did sing and dance very well.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nifty Fifties Couples Dinner

John and I had a fun night at a "diner" for a Nifty Fifty Couples dinner Friday night. We were supposed to dress in the fashion of that day and so I did quite a bit of online searching to see what was worn. It seems most people think of poodle skirts and saddles shoes but I found that quite a bit of clothing was classic in style and has had an influence in styles of today. I am certain I could have walked into any store and found something similar to that worn in 50's. It was the kids in high school who would more often wear the poodle skirts, although they wore a lot of other things, it's just that that seems to have become the symbol of the day.

Goodwill is my friend and that is where I headed. Of course I did find a blue skirt with polka dots that would have been perfect and a matching sweater but alas, my pregnant belly wouldn't allow that to close anymore. Then I saw a dress on display with a pink cardigan over and pearls dangling from the hanger. Perfect! Being that it had a high waist it worked perfect. And better yet, it is something I will wear again because it is a cute dress from Target still with the tags on. John had a shirt in his closet that reminded me of a loose style I saw. He could have just worn a suit and tie though as that is what most men seemed to wear along with a hat.

I hope I didn't bore you with the clothes. I really found it fascinating to see styles over time. The dinner was in the church basement decorated to look like a diner and "the Fonz" took our names and seated us at our tables. We dined on ice cream floats and hamburgers. We enjoyed 50's entertainment and even a visit from Frank Sinatra! :) I was thinking my Dad should have sang his song "Duke of Earl" (that's his name) as I love to hear him sing those old songs. Good friends, fun times!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Daddy's Home!

John traveled to South Korea last week. He was only gone for 5 1/2 days which may not sound very long but it was long enough! I knew it was coming and so I began to prepare myself for his departure. Obviously it was pointless to be upset about his trip because it is a part of his job. Thankfully he doesn't travel this long and far very often and it is usually only an overnight trip. But, him being so far away and with so little contact was what was unsettling. Even during a normal workday John will call at least once if not more just to touch base. I knew that would not be the case all the way around the world.

I thought of how much I "need" to hear his voice and have John's encouragement each day. But I then realized how much more I was depending on John and how little I was depending on my Father God. I knew that I needed to make sure I started each day reading God's promises to me and praying for strength for each day to accomplish that what was needed. Yes, I should always be starting each day that way but often my time with the Lord during a day falls to when I get a chance. :( This past week I claimed the verse -- "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Phil 4:13. I also needed to choose to have the right attitude and my week went so much better than if I dwelt on my circumstances.

Of course there were tests to my patience with added responsibilities (John really helps out a lot!), sick kids (mainly my #1 helper), and the super cold weather. John being gone means late nights for me as I like to stay awake until I am so tired I will fall to sleep instantly without hearing all of the "noises". :) We also found after I tracked his flight and waited until 2 a.m. for a call, that his supposedly international cell phone did not work. He ended up calling from the hotel every morning which was when he was going to bed and I was just thankful to hear his voice.

What a sweet reunion when John returned home! His flight was delayed by a few hours as they had turned around early into the flight for a medical emergency but we were all so happy to see Daddy walking up our walkway with a huge smile on his face. I don't think I stopped looking at him all night long, what a beautiful sight to have my love back home. Hopefully there are no overseas trips anytime in the near future!

Of course after he adjusted to our time again he heads to Alabama for an overnight trip this week. At least he is building up those frequent flier miles.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Packers Win!

I sound like a sports nut with a post title about a football game. But alas, somewhere along the way this season I became hooked to watching the Packers. What is a girl to do when the house full of boys enjoys playing the game, watching the game, collecting the football cards? I figured that I should really give the game a chance.

I grew up watching my Dad watch the game since he not only watches, but seems to be playing right along with the team moving from side to side. He is fun to watch but I never thought football was quite so fun. John has always watched too but I just never gave it a chance. As the boys are getting a bit older they now enjoy sitting with their Daddy cheering for their favorite team and I really wanted to be with them and enjoy the game too. So, I began to sit and watch the games and this was the perfect time to start because I have boys that can explain things to me in simple terms that I understand. And having football card collections around the house I hear players names thrown around and am learning who is who on which team.

Having more of an understanding really goes a long way to enjoying a football game! Now when I watch the Packers the boys would tell me not to scream so much and I tell them to cheer more. I do find some of the rules annoying and the game sure can get frustrating but the point is we are all watching as a family. I am not off doing my thing while the guys do theirs.

And so, last night we watched the Superbowl with all of us on the edge of our seats and cheered our Packers on to victory!!!

I then thought how far I have come and am so glad I gave it a chance!

Here is my gang happy after a great win by the Pack!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Here I am moved over to blogspot -- a work in progress. I like that I can make it look like my own again. I need to add more family pictures and decide if I want them on the "family" tab or on the sidebar. (Yes, I know some of my family is not there yet). Anyway, I hope to post a little more frequently now that it is a little easier to do.
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