Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring (Summer) is in the Air!

What glorious weather we have been having! It has been unseasonably warm (and also across the country from what I have seen). This has been the case actually this whole winter and now into spring. We enjoyed the snow when it came and then it more often than not melted within days. And we only got stuck in the snow driving up our driveway one time in our big snowstorm just a few weeks ago. Although I think we will suffer in other ways from this warm winter with more bugs. The boys already found two ticks crawling on them.

In a typical March for us there is often still snow on the ground or the likelihood of a snowfall. We still are wearing our winter gear and thoughts of shorts and t-shirts are something we long for but know would not be reality for another month or two. The ground and everything in sight would still be brown with few signs of new growth. And so this year is such a welcome surprise.

The past two weeks we have been enjoying 70 degree temperatures and up into the 80's a few times and we have pulled out our summer clothes. George stated he was not going back to wearing long pants but I informed him that it is only March!

I am hanging the laundry on the line again and we are outside every chance we can get. Baby was enamored with all of the new sights and sounds as we strolled through our fields. The grass is turning green and flowers are poking their heads up. My Forsythia bush which shouldn't bloom for another month is fully clothed in bright yellow flowers and I totally missed taking cuttings from our pussy willow bush as they are now leafed out. Our windows are wide open in March and I even slept with them open falling asleep to one of my favorite sounds -- frogs croaking in a distant field. Simply amazing. What a gift! I assume that it can't last and wonder if it will snow in the next few weeks but John tells me to not worry about that but enjoy these beautiful days while we have them. And indeed we have.

And seeing as I started writing this post when the warm streak began -- today the weather is seasonable and winter jackets are again in use (well only by those who like me are wimps). But I am thankful for the sunshine and love the green everywhere I look. I know that true summer is not too far off and I take great delight in that!
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