About Me


I began a blog in 2006 and at that time wanted to journal our daily life so as not to forget those little moments of every day living. It has also become a great way for family who live far away to keep up with us.

I am a wife to John and homeschooling Mommy to 6 blessings and absolutely LOVE the role that God has called me to.

Before life with children I worked at a computer helpdesk. Why I did that I have no idea being that it wasn't something I really enjoyed. Now, I have many ideas of jobs I could have done with my time that I would have loved.

Growing up as a sort of city-girl I never imagined I'd enjoy living in the country but we were very blessed to be able to live in the house John grew up in on 5 acres and it is the perfect place to raise a family! We can walk out our doors and almost straight into a National Forest. Our land is hilly and covered with fields with paths mowed through for plenty of exploring. Oh how I love to sleep with the windows wide open in the summer and only hear the sound of crickets and other wild creatures in the night. I am pretty sure I am no longer afraid of bugs. :)-

I have always enjoyed photography beginning when I had one of those cameras that you had to buy the strip flash for (makes me laugh just remembering that!). John bought me a digital SLR for my birthday a couple years back and now photography is becoming even more of a hobby, even taking a few friend's family photos on the side.

So, come along with me on a journey experiencing everyday moments as my husband and I strive to train our children in the way they should go. "Take my life and let it be, consecrated, Lord, to Thee; Take my moments and my days -- Let them flow in ceaseless praise."


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