Tuesday, December 17, 2013

6 Weeks - brief update

I began my blog basically as a journal for myself and to share with family members and it fluctuates in the frequency of how often I post. Last month with all that happened with Grace I had the time and enjoyed daily updates. Lately, my time to write is minimal and I do miss it. There are so many things I do not want to forget. It seems baby Grace is changing each day and it will be a blink of an eye and she will be a toddler and on it goes. Kind of a sad thought at times but that is how life is.

The question everyone asks is if Grace is gaining weight and yes, she is. A friend loaned me her baby scale and we have been doing weekly weight checks which is so nice to do from the comfort of home. At 5 weeks she was 8# 8 oz. (about the size of many of mine at birth) and at 6 weeks she is 9# 8 oz. although this time with a onesie and diaper on. I hear comments that she looks so little but you know, babies are little and I adore that. It is so hard to remember seeing how fast they grow that it can seem our other children were never as small.

 photo 6-wk-weight_4090_zpsb824c62f.jpg

As for sleep and eating it varies from day to day. She basically is eating every 3 hours and in that time period also has a time of sleep. Her awake times are increasing, especially in the morning and we enjoy seeing her bright eyes. At night it also varies. One night she gave us 5 hours of sleep so that John checked on her to make sure all was well. We also would do much better if I didn't fall asleep so often when feeding her. Oh the feeling of waking an hour later with a baby still in your arms wondering just exactly if you actually did feed her.

 photo 6-wk-weight_4091_zps4c121bf0.jpg

I am having photographic fun with Grace. I love taking pictures of newborns and while I have had quite a few babies, my skills and camera quality have improved with time. I have so many ideas floating around in my head and I wish I had time to try them all. It is true that a newborn in the first couple of weeks is easiest to photograph as lately, Miss Grace isn't quite as cooperative. She is adorable even with her scrunched up crying face.

 photo not-happy_4054_zps485f8909.jpg

I am working on her birth announcement to include with thank you notes, which I had hoped would be done already. With Zippy I had his ready before he was born and all I needed to add was the picture and print. Of course, we were thrown a curve ball this time. Here is one of my favorite ideas with lights for a backdrop which I will try again with her Christmas dress. Such fun!

 photo photo-shoot_4137_zpsed9bf8f0.jpg

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Our GEM is 1 month

Grace, you are 1 month old! Strange to say it as to me it feels like you are only two weeks old, the same amount of time that you have been home. My due date for you was on Dec. 3rd, just yesterday.

 photo out-takes_3806_zps8a5b0823.jpg

I looked back at when Zippy was your age and I notice a few differences, although I also see that you look very similar to him. First of all, you haven't really gained much from your birth weight. Of course, that is kind of hard to do when you weren't fed for the first 8 days of your life and then only gradually. I need to take you in for a weight check to find out for sure. Nowadays you are a hungry little girl and have definitely gotten the hang of this whole eating process and are certainly impatient when you are hungry. You eat about every 3 hours, except during the night from time to time you like to mix things up and wake every two.

You aren't the best at sleeping yet, especially during the night, but if you are like the rest of your siblings you'll catch onto that. In the meantime your Mommy and Daddy are exhausted but that's a small price to pay for the delight that you are to us. It seems as soon as you are no longer in someone's arms you give it 5 minutes and wake up. And you aren't lacking in arms that want to hold and rock you. Here you are in Opa's arms.

 photo Opa-n-Grace_3790_zpsf454509a.jpg

You like best to be held upright kind of curled up in a ball. And Daddy is the best at this hold and calming you down when you scream. He always has had that magic touch and I am so thankful for that, especially in the middle of the night. We wonder if you are going to be colicky like two of your brothers were but so far your screaming doesn't go on for too long.

We have found that when you cry, even for a few minutes you get worn out quickly. This seems to be a lingering effect from your pulmonary hypertension. I am again amazed at how far you have come Gracie as you look as if you'd never been sick. I was reading an article about Dr. Konduri, who worked with you at Children's hospital and when talking about his research said, "Watching a baby who has recovered from a life threatening illness rest comfortably on a parent's shoulder before going home makes all the effort worthwhile." And I realize again how sick you really were.

You are my only single baby to wear newborn clothes this long but they fit you perfectly and 0-3 is still a bit long and loose. You also still fit in newborn diapers. Which makes me wonder why it is that they don't seem to sell newborn diapers in a large box as they do other sizes. You do not like to have your diaper changed and scream each time. Your siblings don't understand what the big deal is.

 photo Grandmas-shoulder_3785_zps33b2b447.jpg

You are starting to be more alert and looking around at your surroundings. And just last night you focused in on Daddy's face when he was talking to you. I love when the eyes register a bit of recognition.

I am starting to hear cooing sounds from you and your head is quite strong as you lift it off my shoulder to look around.

You are so beautiful Gracie and everyone we meet comments on what a beautiful baby you are. Our Thanksgiving this year with you was even more meaningful for us.

 photo Bible-Baby_3766_zps2fbfd58c.jpg

Psalm 126:3
The LORD has done great things for us,
and we are filled with joy.
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