Saturday, July 30, 2011

George Another Year Older

I am a little behind but we seem to have an excess of things going on lately. George turned 12 while camping in Baraboo this week. Being that I couldn't make his favorite breakfast he choose what he considered the next best (at least for him) donuts. John took him to a bakery that morning and we all enjoyed huge pieces of super sweet bakery. It was a rainy day but we found dry places to go and ended up playing laser tag, even my Mom and Dad joined in the fun.

After a small train ride with Grandma and Grandpa
(a traditional place to go since George was 1)
We celebrated last night with all the family and George enjoyed himself. His siblings did too and I love how now that Pete and Re-Pete are earning money they were so excited to go to the store and buy the perfect gift. It was a big secret and George was pleasantly surprised with his spy binoculars.

Celebrating is not completely over for George as his Aunt and Uncle are taking him out shopping to pick out something he would like along with a time to play with his cousin "all by himself". :) And then John and I still need to take him out to eat for his time alone with us. He is waiting for a good fish dinner.

Birthdays are always emotional for me especially when I saw the slide show of himself George put together. And then my friend down the road reminded me that in biblical days a boy was considered a man at the age of 12 and she mentioned how he acts like it in so many ways. Thinking of my little boy inching closer and closer to being a man brings tears to my eyes more often lately.

God definitely knew I would need someone like George who is such a helper as my firstborn. I am so thankful to be blessed with George!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Strawberry Picking

The children and I went strawberry picking yesterday with my Dad. It is our tradition to go with him and this year I was especially thankful to have him as I can't get down on the ground very well anymore so I didn't expect I'd be doing much. Him being retired makes our schedule a lot more flexible and we don't have to wait until the busy weekends to go which is really nice. It was a warm day but we enjoyed a breeze coming off of the lake.

I don't know that Missy and Seppy picked very many and I saw Tank supervising quite a bit but that is okay. The other three boys made up for it. Although George always says "One for me, one for the bucket". So how many actually make it to the bucket I am not sure of. :) We ended up with 30# and while I might have liked more as we go through them quite often in smoothies all throughout the year that is about all I can handle processing right now. I did have a few boys offer to help hull which was very helpful (and a bit surprising) and so I think I only have 10# left to go. A friend offered this tidbit of information to me this morning that strawberries last longer if you store them in glass.
Pete (and Re-Pete) were very thorough and dedicated pickers.

Mr. Seppy has never liked strawberries. (My first child picky about fruit).
He decided to eat one my Dad offered him and now proclaims, "I like strawberries!"
The Strawberry Picking Gang

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pregnancy Update -- 30 weeks

(Wrote a week ago but forgot to post) A little less than 9 weeks to go! The countdown begins. I am actually feeling quite good. It probably helps that the temperatures have been unseasonably cool during June.

I had my glucose test two weeks ago which was fine but they did find that I am slightly anemic which is something new for me. That would explain why almost every morning it felt like my heart was racing and I'd get really tired. I have had that before, for sure I know when pregnant with twins, but I don't recall being told I needed more iron. I am being more consistent with my prenatal vitamins and increasing my intake of iron-rich food so am thankful for this season with an abundance of fresh spinach and parsley from the farm. So far it is helping with the symptoms I was having for the most part.

I haven't had as much of a problem with ligament stretching in the past month but I do feel a bit unbalanced at times being that I always carry my babies way out front. It is also harder to stand up as this baby is so heavy and that started much sooner than in the past. I guess I am to the waddling stage and much as I try not to, I'd have to walk even slower to prevent that. John said that I walk "painfully slow". :) Don't I know it!
Me and my basketball.
I cannot even count anymore how often I have been asked if we are sure that I am carrying only one baby, or how many times when asked how much longer I have the person looks surprised and says, "I don't know how you are going to make it". The clerk at the store told me the other day it "looks like any day". Nope, not even close. I am getting to the point where at times they are starting to make me wonder how I really am going to make it. I have done it all before, and while I am four years older I still have some energy and when I don't I have no problem resting. I am trusting that God gives me what I need for each day.

I'm not so crazy about the fact that I had to change doctors. Oh how I wish I could be with the doctors I've had throughout who know me, who know my babies. These younger doctors are so overly cautious. Yesterday I was measuring 2 cm. bigger which is normal for all of my pregnancies. One appointment I'll be measuring big and then next it will be back to normal which is what I told her but she insists that I have yet another ultrasound to make sure the baby is growing well and the fluid levels are what they should be. Not sure what I am going to do yet.
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