Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Practice, Practice, Practice

It's that time of year again where we learn lines and memorize songs and cram in long practices twice and sometimes three times a week. The kids are getting ready for this year's 4H Music and Drama Festival which is held mid-February. This year we are doing a fast-paced musical called "A Kid's Life". It is about kids in a tech-savy family who find themselves without power and nothing works. No cell phones, no computers, no video games. They have no idea what to do with themselves until their grandparents show up and show them how to play and have fun together.

The only thing my kids don't like about it is there aren't any fun costumes. In past years we have dressed as a King's Court, figures from American history and last year circus performers. A lot of fun. This time it is everyday clothes. And too we have a lot of kids in this play and there aren't enough lines to go around so the parts are quite small. But they all said they are having a lot of fun with it.

Pete and Missy are kids in the family. There are 9 children in this family which is actually how it was written and Re-Pete is their Dad. George and Tank are part of the chorus. George doesn't have many lines but being that he is also involved in a homeschool production coming up in April he was reluctantly okay with that.

Kids Life Practice photo Kids-Life-practice_zpsc9e0154e.gif

Here they are singing a song about games. George is a bingo caller. Tank and Re-Pete play charades during a brief time during the song. You cannot see Missy but she is playing cards at a table on the other side of the chorus.

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