Friday, February 8, 2013

Update on Zippy

I never did do an update on Zippy when he turned 1. But now that he has changed so much I need to update. I began writing this the beginning of December so even in that short time he has changed SO much! I'll update where needed. Amazing how fast they change and learn new things. Wow!

Where to begin?? Picture taken at 16 months.

 photo Zippy-16-months_zpsa14176ee.jpg

Zippy has grown taller as evidenced by the fact that he doesn't fit under the table anymore when standing and bumps his head quite often. He was measured on Grandma and Grandpa's door and was 31 inches. And sitting on their bathroom scale he weighs 24 lbs. He is still on the smaller side being about in the 25% which is how his brothers Pete and Re-Pete always were. He wears size 18 - 24 month in a one-piece or onesie shirt. Pants he is in 12 months.

He is finally getting hair! Although it is heavier on top and when he wakes up it sometimes looks like a mowhawk.

Zippy is moving like there is no tomorrow. The beginning of December he stopped waddling like a little duck and became more sure-footed and can even run a little.

Zippy babbles and "speaks" with such expression and fluctuation it seems as if we really should know what he is saying. If only we could put it all together. We nod and say "really?" Maybe he'll be a public speaker. :)

The words he clearly says are:
goggy (doggy) but now that he learned the dog's name says Ink-in (Lincoln)
boo-key (a take on his brothers name),
top! (stop) a word you must know with annoying siblings,
all duh (all done),
cah-cah (graham cracker)
Mommy, and Mama which has become the word of choice when whining for something. It seems most of my children have done that. :(

And what I find funny is that he mimics the words we unknowingly say and walks around the house saying oh- kaaay, oh- kaaay or I seeeee. Lately it seems he will repeat any word we ask him to say. George is working with him on his own name. **Update -- He now can say his own name.

I love, having the technology and a video camera on my phone to catch the every day life. Makes me wish I had that with George so I could easily look back. I need to pull out some of those video tapes! The funny thing with technology is that with each baby they are smarter than ever. Zippy knows exactly what to do with an iPod and slides his finger along the screen and walks around saying "i  pot, i pot".

Zippy can be a little stinker! I probably say this with every child or maybe it really is different this time but Zippy gets into more trouble at this age. He enjoys climbing on tables and unfortunately I allowed it one time but that was all it took and now it is all about re-training. Ahh! You'd think I'd know better by now!

 photo Grocery-cart_zps9fd8ac80.jpg

This little guy can throw a fit with the best of them! He isn't even two yet but he'll throw himself back if he doesn't get his way. If he is in your arms watch out as he is strong! And if he is on the ground watch out as he is likely to hit his head! Although, I think he has figured that one out as he has begun to ease his head down in the midst of a fit. **Update --  his fits have decreased considerably since we don't let him get away with it!

Zippy loves, loves music! He has always been one to move to the beat and it continues on. When he feels the beat he'll sway or bop his head or do some other move but he is quite good. For Christmas my sister and her family gave Zip one of those cards that play music when it opens. He loves those and will stand and dance. And this time he sat and included banging his hand on the ground in a large motion to keep beat. I hope he keeps that good rhythm and love of music!

Zippy is such a Mama's boy and I adore that! You know a Mama gets to hold their children for only so long and I'll take it as long as I can get it! I love that he is so cuddly first thing when he wakes up and he always tucks his arms and hands in. Ah, pure bliss!

 photo Zippy-tucked-in_zps35a9ab46.jpg

I am also thankful that he is sleeping better. It seemed every other week Zippy would wake in the middle of the night. Going in to pat his back wasn't cutting it and I was tired of standing there getting cold so I would bring him in bed with us until he fell asleep again. It is amazing how much room a little guy can take up though. This week it was a night or two. But I honestly don't mind as it is all part of being a Mommy and it doesn't last forever. **We had yet another week of Zippy waking up screaming so he ended up in bed with us again but he had a bad cold too. You just never know with him. He also likes everything just so and needs his sippy cup and something to hold (a pacifier) and sets them in place before settling down. 

Eating -- I still nurse Zippy in the morning and I suspect that will come to end in the near future as in looking back that is when Seppy stopped. He drinks with a sippy cup but refuses milk and even juice and only wants water which he can't seem to get enough of. I am fine with that. He started eating with a spoon which I think I first started in November but prefers his hands. **He is slightly improving with his spoon and while still messy gets a bit more in his mouth now.

 photo First-Spoon_zpsf75e0c16.jpg

At this point he does not like meat unless it is hidden in things. So for example with a beef roast I'll chop it up along with veggies and mix it into his potatoes. I use my food chopper for many things as with soup to make it thicker, etc. He loves a "nana" each morning and his favorite food is cheese. He will try most everything but he does keep me guessing. One day he'll eat a sweet potato and the next day he turns his head at it and gives me the bowl back. He handles food well and usually the only time he spits it out is if he sees something he wants more like a "coo-key".

**I had written more but accidentally deleted it when adding pictures and then autosave came on. So much for that! I'll try to update again at 18 months -- later this month already!

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Kidcraze said...

I know you are treasuring each moment and stage with your little guy. It is such a sweet, precious time at this age.

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