Monday, January 14, 2013

Two Boys turn 11

The long awaited day has come and gone. Pete and Re-Pete turned 11 this morning.


They were up before the sun as always ready for the day ahead. Pete was on the computer checking for an expected e-card when I dragged myself out of bed to turn the oven on for the requested cinnamon roll breakfast.

They do agree on breakfast but their choice in supper is a different story. They both have some similar dislikes for instance neither of them will eat rice unless it is mixed into a soup or casserole. Pete always chooses Chicken Potpie which we will have tomorrow night. Re-Pete had a hard time making up his mind but went with spaghetti. Unfortunately, they had a busy evening with 4H play practice followed by the monthly meeting. But we'll have their party at the end of the month.

The treat of the day for all of us was that Daddy took a day of vacation. What do you think the favorite activity was? Even though it was below 20 degrees today they all wanted to ride the 4-Wheeler of course.

Pete had his night out with John and I this past Friday and chose Texas Roadhouse as he was in the mood for ribs. Re-Pete said he is in the mood for a hamburger so we are contemplating where to take him this week.

I wrote this in my Christmas letter so some of you may already know that for the first time since they were infants Re-Pete weighs more than Pete -- a whole 4 pounds! Although I don't think it really is noticeable some say his neck is thicker. And apparently Re-Pete is also 1/8 inch taller. I have a feeling it will all even out again but we'll see.

I re-read their birth story that I blogged about in 2007 and it is always fun to look back. And I had a brief recollection of just how hard it was with two babies for those first couple of years. Look how far we have come and what amazing boys they are today.

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Heather said...

Happy Birthday to your Boys! 11! Crazy ... seems we were just visiting you in the hospital with Jack as a newborn!

LOVE the chalkboard, you are so creative with your chalkboard / fonts!

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