Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Teeth and Old Wives Tale

Have you heard the old wives tale -- Gain a Child, Lose a Tooth ? Well, it certainly seems to be working that way for me. I have never had very good teeth and now that a few of my children have inherited that trait I am coming to find that a lot of that is in the genes and it isn't all related to care of teeth or maybe lack of. Although, I kind of wish I did have a little more control over these teeth of mine!

You may recall my dental fiasco while in vacation a few years ago. My teeth always seem to give me problems when I am pregnant. Well, as it turns out that tooth ended up needing a root canal somewhere done the line although I can't keep up with this stuff. The problem after being that I never did get a permanent crown put on. Those are pricey you may know. So they kept putting on temporary fillings. Therein lies the problem and a note for any of you putting off dental work... get it done as soon as you can!

My temporary filling broke off this weekend and what was left was practically nothing. I thought it a little odd and wondered how they could possibly even put a crown on since there wasn't much of anything to attach it to. Well, my wondering was right on. As it turns out there must have been a small hole or crack in the filling that allowed a cavity to build inside. Lovely. No pain since there isn't a root anyway but that means that I will lose the tooth. Ahh! 

I had a back molar removed last year which was not a pleasant experience in any way as while they were pulling it found there was an infection. How they knew was I could feel the pulling. If you don't know, with an infection the numbing doesn't totally take effect. Enough said.

Anyway, they assure me there is no infection because I have no root so this shouldn't be bad. I am just wondering how they pull a tooth that hardly exists but I am again assured that Dr. Joe is the best tooth puller as he does a few every day. Lovely. And I really don't want the alternative of an Oral Surgeon. No, I think I would be even more on edge about that. Of course I have to wait a week and I'd really just like it over with.

And so there you have it... my mouth woes. I am sure it was enlightening and the best stuff you've read in awhile right! Ha ha! But seriously, if you do have any dental work that needs to be done -- don't put it off. I always tend to learn lessons the hard way. {sigh}

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Kidcraze said...

Oh, how timely! It just so happens that my back right molar is hurting today. I just put a whole clove on it to help with the pain, but it didn't really work this time, though it has in the past.
I'm sorry you are losing your tooth. I will be calling my dentist and heeding your advice.

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