Sunday, February 26, 2012

4H Musical -- Circus Circus

Last weekend our children performed in the 4H Music and Drama festival which is one of my favorite activities being in 4H. This year's musical was called "Circus Circus" about a circus whose ringmaster is sick and they need to figure out who will take his place. It is cute and colorful with very catchy music and lines.

I don't know why but each time they perform I get more nervous then the kids do. They did a great job and I was so proud of them as always. It is fun to see how far they have come since our first production two years ago and how each in their own way have gotten more comfortable on stage.

I can especially see it in Pete, my sword swallower/fire eater, as he so easily takes his role and becomes that character. His voice carries so well and he says his lines with feeling. And even when he was in the background he was acting every step of the way.

Pete circus

And my little Miss, a tightrope walker, was excited to say a line this year. She was so cute and spoke louder than I thought she would.


George had a smaller speaking role as a lion tamer this year but he took command of his lions which was a favorite part for many. His lions like M&M's.

George lion tamer

Re-Pete and Tank as lions were fun to watch as they prowled around.

Tank as lion

All of our hard work paid off as we won the competition for the second year in a row! That means we have the option of performing again at State Fair in the hot month of August. Re-Pete already is dreading the possibility of wearing his hot lion costume and face paint.

One of the parents posted a video on YouTube if you would like to watch it. I embedding part 1 but if you want to view part two click HERE.

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