Sunday, October 7, 2012

TOS Crew - Beeyoutiful Mineral Make-up

As a nice change of pace I was able to review a fun product for myself -- Beeyoutiful Mineral Makeup. How exciting to receive a package in the mail and get to "play".

What is it?

There are many brands of mineral makeup on the market but not all are created equal. Beeyoutiful Mineral Make-up is all natural, 100% pure, gluten-free and is free of chemicals, fillers and preservatives. What more can you ask for?

And the selection of colors is great offering over 20 shades of foundation to fit any skin tone, more than 45 eye colors, along with blushes and bronzers. 

What I received

I was able to review a make-up kit containing:
  • 1 sample foundation
  • Foundation brush
  • Combo brush with two edges used for both eyes and lips
  • Two sample shades of eyeshadow (one a three-time use sample)


My Experience

Make-up is so much fun to play with. I love to draw and paint and so putting make-up on my face is just another form of that. I never used to leave the house without make-up on but it is funny how children can change a person, or lack of time but now I can run to the store without any thought of make-up. I have tried mineral eye shadow before but never the foundation. But I thought this would be a nice change of pace for me so was excited to review these products.


I selected the color Genevieve, which is a light foundation, for my face based on the online color chart and found it to be a good match. The foundation is a powder but can be used in a couple of ways. For a lighter coverage you simply mist your face and they recommend their Laveshmint toner and the foundation brush then buff your face with the powder. For a bit heavier of a coverage you can mix a bit of powder with your moisturizer and a little really goes a long way here but again buff with your brush. It had a really nice coverage and without a heavy feel to it and my face felt quite smooth as well. Lovely before with foundation on half of my face --


Missy Blue especially enjoyed the foundation brush. As soon as we opened the package she was right there inspecting everything and kept rubbing the brush on her face as it was the "smoothest brush I've ever felt".

Eye Shadow/Lip Color

The eye shadow and lip color are interchangeable and can also be used as a blush. Now most likely you won't be putting blue on your lips or cheeks but there are quite a few colors that you might use. The hardest part for me was choosing between all of the wonderful colors available. In the end I went with "safe" colors -- Sea Sand and a small sample of Raspberry Shimmer.

I had a lot of fun with the eye shadow and learned a new technique called "foiling" in which you slightly wet your brush, dip it in the eye shadow powder and put it on your eyelids. It makes the color much more intense and if the color has a shimmer will really bring that out. You can also use that technique to line your eyes. I went very light and natural on the picture below. I'd use the foiling overall if I was going out. You can also use the foiling method on your lips for a more vibrant look but here I just brushed the powder on over lip gloss.


In looking at this picture I thought I might start wearing make-up a little more often. It didn't take much time at all to apply and it is a nice natural look. And I really like how good it is for your skin without any harsh chemicals and an ingredient list you can understand.


Foundation is available in a 20 g size for $25 and also sample sizes for $1 each. And again a little goes a long way. My sample lasted a month but I typically only wear it maybe three times a week.
Eye Shadow is available in .45 g for $10 and also in sample sizes.
Package deals are also available.

The rest of the Review Crew tried out various skin care and health products from Beeyoutiful. Check them out by clicking the banner below.

**Disclaimer: As a member of TOS Review Crew, I received a complimentary sample make-up kit to review. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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