Friday, October 26, 2012

Our 4H Cornfield Comedy Skit

Last weekend our children (minus Seppy and Zippy) performed a 3 minute skit along with a number of other kids from our 4H club. They presented it during the "Enchanted Forest" a fun time for kids to dress up, play games, walk through the woods listening to skits, and get candy. This was our first time being involved but the kids had so much fun! Their good friends were also in the skit which is part of why it was so fun.

Cowboy Seppy enjoyed watching over and over again and still found it funny!

When tossing around ideas my friend Barb came up with doing a cornfield comedy similar to what they did in the show Hee Haw. Do you remember that show? Well, in viewing them online now we realize many are not appropriate for children to watch. But the idea was fun. And so here is our presentation of a "Cornfield Comedy". Keep in mind that by this time the kids had been performing this over and over again for almost 2 hours, so they may lag a bit. And there is a bit of background noise of children in the audience.

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