Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Little Girl is 7!

Where does the time go? I think that is the key phrase at every birthday milestone we come to. But this is the time when we really look back and reflect on the changes. Here is my little Miss at 1 years old. Hard to remember her without her long hair when she sat still and didn't move very much!


Well, my little Miss was very excited this morning to wake up to her birthday. She reminds me of her oldest brother George in that yesterday she had things all planned out. She wondered if I had the streamers ready for her doorway and of course she was planning for her special breakfast. It took me a little while to understand what she wanted as the description was "that thing you make that looks like a flower". Thankfully we figured out it was caramel rolls she wanted. (Made in a bundt pan -- hence the flower?)

Pete was quite amused with how she wants to spend her day. He said to me, "What is happening to Missy? First she wants to play a Star Wars board game and now she wants to play a football game". Yes, what indeed is happening? I suppose if she really wanted to play with her kitchen set or dolls she might not have many takers. But I know she does enjoy a lot of things that her brothers do. I am okay with that because she seems to be quite balanced and does enjoy a lot of girly things too!

Miss Kate 9-07
Camping at the races when she was 2 and very girly indeed!

Missy is still pondering where she wants to go when John and I take her out to eat tonight. She just LOVES noodles and would eat them at every meal if she could so she thought of an Italian restaurant that Tank likes. But she also likes ice cream so she thought of a custard place. But she always comes back to the place that serves "my favorite bread, it is so good!" -- Texas Roadhouse. If we go there I don't know that we need to order her anything other than a basket of rolls. :)

The big celebration will be in a week or so as always with Mr. Seppy. I wonder what cake she will choose, or if she will even choose one. I asked her why she wanted cake since she doesn't eat it anyway and she said, "because everyone else likes it". I have been noticing lately that she does think of others quite often and I am very thankful for that and pray that character quality continues to develop in her.
Katie flower 1829
Love that squinty smile!

We are so thankful for our sweet sweet girl! Happy 7th Birthday Missy Blue Eyes!


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Heather said...

Oh my, I LOVE the chalkboard, once again. And, your little Miss's smile is definitely contagious! What a beautiful girl, inside and out!!!!!

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