Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Our 12th Anniversary

On Sunday John and I celebrated our 12th anniversary. I had been at a bridal shower the day before thinking of how things change over the years (and also of how much I could use another shower). I so remember being showered with gifts to begin married life with and all of the excitement leading up to my wedding day. Those little thrills when I felt John's hand in mine and I couldn't wait until we could be together every day! Over the years the thrill tapers off and his hand now feels comfortable. We both have changed and grown more mature and hopefully more like the God who created us.

I am so glad for the change! I would not want to go back to the beginning to figure out all of the quirks and moods that were not quite as obvious during the dating years. I love the comfortable feel of my husband next to me. I love that we have grown and matured and am so thankful for the children we have been blessed with -- have you heard that phrase -- "all because two people fell in love".

Thank You God for the gift of love and marriage to reflect the beautiful relationship between Christ and His church! I pray that we clearly mirror that in our own marriage.

May 3, 1997


basketflat said...

It is neat how much more rich marriage is as you've been in it longer. Congratulations on your 15th. That's awesome.

sahmto4orMore said...

Ahhhh....happy anniversary!

I need another shower too. I'd like a hand mixer and an iced tea maker and ............... funny how things wear out after 10 or 15 years, eh?

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