Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Missy's Injury

Missy Blue had a little mishap on our golf cart on Saturday. While George typically drives it around, the other boys had learned to drive it that morning. Later on one of them (not mentioning names as that boy felt horrible and cried buckets over it) took off driving with a few passengers, Missy being one of them. I had been gone that morning and as I pulled into the driveway I saw them driving around and was surprised to see who was now driving. Not long after I hear Missy screaming and as I got in the house my husband was attending to her. Apparently the driver was turning to avoid a tree but as he did so, forgot to brake, hitting a tree. Missy was on the back holding on but hit her head against something and then fell off. She hit it right under the eye and my husband said it must have hit the bone and broke the skin open.

As I saw the blood dripping everywhere and looked at John's face I wondered if this might need stitches, which is exactly what he was thinking. He said there is no way he wanted to go that route if at all possible. He continued to pull the skin together and bandage it until we could get to the drug store for butterfly bandages. He also bought liquid bandage which worked wonderfully and held the skin together. I was so thankful that John was home and I didn't have to deal with it. I know if I have to I can handle it but things like that typically make me feel faint.

Missy wasn't herself for a little while but going bowling later in the day with the Northland students cheered her up considerably. It is healing nicely now and I think she enjoyed the extra attention she received on Sunday as everyone came up to ask what happened to her. Pretty soon she just started pointing to her owie when someone approached.

Hopefully there won't be much of a scar.

I am extremely thankful for husbands who are cool under pressure, for liquid bandages and a fun time with friends to take away the pain.

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Nikki said...

Oh, I'm so sorry! I'm thankful for God's protection and the way He orchestrated your husband's presence---his ability to take care of things. That's always such a huge relief! Glad your sweet girl is feeling better!

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