Friday, May 22, 2009

Nature Field Trip

Last Friday we took a field trip to a nature reserve. We walked through three different habitats, prairie, forest, and pond, and learned about the various animals that make their homes there and other fun facts. Did you know that white flowers are pollinated at night by bats and moths? I had no idea. The rhyme to remember is "white flowers at night".

This trip always reminds us of home as we basically have all three areas right where we live. Our backyard is like the prairie complete with the huge ant mounds we saw that day. The state forest is right across the road and walking down the road brings us to natural springs with a creek that is similar to the pond area. The field trip enhances our walks so much more and now when we see the trillium scattered throughout the woods we know what pollinated them.

Tank being wrapped up in a deer skin. Nice and warm!


basketflat said...

That is cool that you have so much nature nearby. We have a lot nearby too - which is one reason we live here! I did not know about moths and bats pollinating. Fascinating. I think you are right that such a field trip really captures the kid's attention for what is right in their backyard.


sahmto4orMore said...

That sounds like our favorite kind of field trips.

I didn't know that about the white flowers. I wonder if that is true for my gardenias.

Juldos said...

Sounds like a wonderful field trip.

Thanks for letting us know about the white flowers!

Happy Day!

Julie D.

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