Friday, May 1, 2009

On Our Best Behavior

I have been taking Baby Boy to the chiropractor for the past three weeks to see if that might help him with his asthma as I have heard it can. I kept putting it off simply because he would get over one episode and I wouldn't think of it again until the next. But this last one lasted far too long and with a week of breathing treatments and then ending up on the oral steroid I knew we had to try another route. I am also trying to be more consistent in giving him fish oil daily which he doesn't mind seeing as it is orange flavored.

We have gone to the chiropractor periodically since Tank was a baby for various issues. We all went in again the other morning and as has happened for the past three weeks Dr. Dan told me that I have the "best behaved children" and that every time we come in we get complimented over and again by the other patients. He said first they ask him if they are really all mine (the same comment I often receive -- no, I stopped to pick up a few more on the way) and they follow it by saying how well-behaved they are. He also says he can never tell there are children in the waiting room when we come because they are so quiet.

I think I may have to go in every week for that boost of encouraging words about our parenting. At home it is another story but unfortunately, isn't that how it is for most of us? We are at our worst at home but in front of others we put on a smile and all is well. But I'll take the compliments when I can and I must say that the children enjoy them as well.

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sahmto4orMore said...

I totally relate!

How is the asthma these days? Do you think the chiro is helping? We've been told we should try it for allergies.

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