Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cutting Grass

Last summer George earned money cutting the grass for my grandpa and my parents. By the end of summer he had earned enough to purchase a nice off-road remote control truck (not the cheap ones that fall apart quickly). Throughout the winter the boys have been discussing how they could earn money this summer as they would like some larger lego sets. Now that grass-cutting season is upon us Pete and Re-Pete are going to try their hand at cutting grass also so they will divide up the jobs.

Last week was Re-Pete's first time and while he struggled a bit seeing as the lawn mower is a little high for him, he pressed on and no matter how often I asked if he wanted me to help him out he declined and pressed on. He didn't cut it perfectly but he did his best and for a first time I thought it was great!

Now that there was a slight job shift John decided that it is time for George to take over cutting our grass. Seeing that this is a job that takes about 2 hours he has been looking forward to giving it up for a long time! The other night John rode on the golf cart while George followed behind on the riding mower and that worked out well. Our land is hilly and rocky so it isn't the easiest to cut and we also mow paths through our fields which make for a nice nature walk.

I am so happy the boys enjoy this type of work and look for ways to earn money.

Re-Pete cutting Opa's (my grandpa) grass

George heading toward cutting a new path in our field of grasses. He looks so grown-up to me.


Anonymous said...

George looks so grown up, like you said! Isn't it funny how we know they are getting bigger each and every day, but when you see a picture (often times of them doing something) you realize just how grown they already are?!?


Anonymous said...

Oh! He is so grown up!

(Iris saw the pic and asked "is he old enough to do that?" with a touch of awe in her voice. :o)

Haflingerhorses said...

They looked like such hard working, All American boys. It's great their learning the work ethic so young!


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