Friday, August 3, 2012

A teenager already?

We have come to another milestone that I wasn't looking forward to... our first teenager! George turned 13 on Friday and what a strange feeling. I have heard from the moment he was born how fast time would fly and you think you are prepared but really it is as if I blinked and here we are.

George 4
Being that George sleeps longer than everyone else I was able to watch my sweet freckle-faced boy sleep one morning last week and flash back in my mind to the pictures I have of him over the years.


I can't really describe this feeling I have. It isn't sadness really, although it brings tears to my eyes. I guess it is more of the realization that all of my children will continue to grow and pretty soon they'll be gone. George is quite helpful in reminding me of this as he mentioned in another 10 years it would be possible that I could be a Grandma. Okay, let's just stop at 13 shall we? :)

George is definitely a first-born. He is a more of a leader and likes to be in charge. He is very responsible and helpful with his siblings and in the past month I have come to a new stage where he has been willing to stay home with everyone for an hour while I go to the grocery store. That is simply amazing and I still can't believe we are here.

George is very good at coming up with ideas of how to play and really enjoys dressing up with his brothers. Here he helped Tank get camouflaged.


Friday night we celebrated with family and for the rest of the weekend his grandparents took him to Wisconsin Dells for special treat as they decided this is what they'll do for their grandchildren upon turning 13. I am a bit jealous and would like to go back to being 13 for a brief moment so I can go too. :)- I know he enjoyed his time away.

Next on the agenda -- the much anticipated (by George) growth spurt. I know it is just around the corner. He mentioned after church last week that he was having a hard time singing high and couldn't reach some of the notes. Here we go.... Looking forward to what this next year will bring not only in physical growth but as I watch George daily spend time in God's Word and see him becoming a young man who is seeking after God. So very, very thankful!


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Heather said...

I simply cannot believe it! It seems like just yesterday you were pregnant with him. You're right, we dare not blink!!! Much love to you, Mama of a teenager! Great photo of the two of you!

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