Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Words

I forgot to include it in Zippy's update but he is quite the talker! Of course most of it is in his own language at this point but his face is filled with expression often including a laugh here and there for emphasis.

His first word was not at all what I expected -- "goggy" (doggy) which is funny as our dog has become more of an outdoor dog simply because he cannot be trusted indoors. But that means Zippy only watches him out the windows or when we are playing outside and they don't interact, so that was not the first word I thought I'd hear. I assumed at first it was a sound with no association but he says it when he sees Lincoln so I guess he knows what it means.

Zippy says the sound "da" but hasn't put it together to make daddy yet and the "m" sound is still eluding him. His second word -- "kay-key" -- his sister's name which also is funny to me because she couldn't say the "k" sound in her own name for quite awhile and instead called herself "tay-dee"

He also is ready to greet us with a "Hi!". Oh, I love those first words and I have a feeling this little guy might be a talker at the rate he babbles.

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