Friday, August 10, 2012

11 Month Update


Baby boy is on the go! Oh my, I can't keep up with this little guy. I don't know if it is that I forget how the others have been or that this little one is much different. He is into everything! We have a hard time containing him as he seems to find a way of escape very often. Zippy's goal -- the stairs! Oh, does he want to climb those stairs with every part of his being. Occasionally he'll get past us and we wonder where he is only to find him happily up in the attic play area.

This little boy enjoys climbing onto anything he can. This was part of a blockade. 


Don't worry, we aren't planning on letting him continue this bad habit.

Although, flicking his hand to stop him from touching, etc. does not seem to phase him either. Well, from Daddy maybe but only for a moment.


And he was just too cute climbing on Missy Blue's kitchen that I took a picture instead.

He also has a facade he puts on when we are out and about. Everyone always comments on how happy and easy-going Zippy is. For instance we were at Re-Pete's guitar lesson and he was fussing probably about not getting his way. Well, the instructor comes out of the room at the end of the lesson and notices Zippy crying. When Zippy notices him there he immediately stops and puts on his charming smile. Ha ha! Isn't that just like us as adults. We might be grumpy to our family but step into public and we are all smiles. Oh, the sin nature... sadly there is no denying it starts at birth!

Well, on to happier topics. Zippy is a sweetheart too and such a mama's boy, which I always enjoy. I can't get enough of my little guy! My favorite time is immediately after a nap when I pick him up and he tucks in his arms and snuggles into me. Oh, how my heart melts!


Zippy is now napping wonderfully! I realized that I had been trying to have him nap when I wanted him to (like on my 10 and 2 routine his siblings easily fell into) and not when he needed to. Being that he still wakes between 6 and 7 a.m. and more on the early side that means he needs to nap much earlier too! (Why didn't I realize this sooner?) So, me trying to hold him off only made him overtired which meant he couldn't fall asleep well and if he did he'd wake up grumpy. Putting him down when he shows signs of tiredness and usually 2 - 2 1/2 hours after he wakes is the key. And now he takes a good nap and is getting closer to 2 hours! Ahh, maybe I will get something accomplished after-all.

He will take a pacifier from time to time although lately I find he would rather just hold it. But the key to his comfort is a hard toy in his hand. For the most part once he has that in his hand he is ready to sleep. I have made sure to interchange those toys so he isn't stuck on one that I need to bring everywhere.

What did Zippy do this past month? He rode on his first Carousel and squealed with delight. Of course I was sitting with him and Daddy was on a ride with the older boys so there is no picture to document this event.

He began to enjoy taking a bath! I hear many parents say how much fun their baby has in water but that is not always the case with a few of ours.


At the beginning of the month he did not want anything to do with the beach. This was a nice thing as we could put him on the blanket and he'd stay there as he didn't want to touch the sand.


By the end of the month nothing bothers him and he'll crawl on any surface: sand, gravel, wood chips, you name it. If it is in the path to get where he wants to be he'll cross it!


He still isn't too sure about the waves in the water coming up and splashing him so he is content to sit at the very base and get his feet wet as he explores the area. Here he found a butterfly that was barely hanging on. Needless to say, it did not survive after Zippy threw it back into the water.


This boy also is different in that he puts everything into his mouth. Nope, haven't had a problem with the others doing that.


Zippy you bring a lot of joy and excitement to our family! Oh what a beautiful smile!


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