Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My little scavenger

Baby Boy has suddenly become my little scavenger. It all began when he started to eat cheerios and some would end up on the floor for him to find.

For the longest time Baby did the army crawl but lately has really picked up on crawling faster on all fours. This has led to him finding anything and everything dropped on the floor but he is especially on the lookout for dropped morsels of food. Now, I know other Moms have told me their children pick up everything on the floor and into the mouth it goes. But I have never had a child interested in what is on the floor, at least not that my husband or I can recall. So this has been a new experience and of course our floors are never spotless.

Baby Boy's routine is playing in another room after a meal but then he tends to make a beeline for the kitchen, especially to the counter where the kids sit on stools as there are always crumbs there. He will circle it and see if anything was left. He reminds me of a little puppy. Yesterday he figured out that our swivel sweeper might have some leftover cheerios or other appealing thing for him if he bangs on it enough. That is disgusting! My husband says that is smart. I guess we'll make sure to empty it after every sweeping.

Baby Boy pausing from his search to pose. Oh, I see he missed a cheerio!

Baby was following Tank around as he swept. Tank kept saying, "Get him away from me!!" Here he is banging on the sweeper. Don't worry, he didn't get anything out.


anneliesekmcdowell said...

How cute...not no so appealing! I have a little garbage lover. That, I feel is a bit more disgusting. Not only does she love to throw things away but she also loves to find discarded food - her own personal buffet - yuk! It has been very hard to discourage her; but it has definitely discouraged me!

All of my kids have been fairly oral - alot went into their mouths. But Ava is my most tenacious. She will also scout the floor but not as often as it is Caleb's regular job to clean the floor after every meal - not that it is perfect but he does his best. Anyway, he will eventually out grow this and a little dirt never killed a little boy! In fact, aren't little boys made out of snails, frogs and puppy dog tails. Dirt fits right in :)

anneliesekmcdowell said...

I tried to post a comment and I think it got lost. Hopefully you don't get two:)

Anyway, I said how cute...and not so appealing. I have a little garbage lover. She not only loves to throw things away but she loves to sort around for little thrown away morsels for her enjoyment. Her own little buffet - YUK! I have a lovely time trying to dissaude her from this terrible habit but with little success. Most of my kids have been fairly oral and alot goes into their mouths - not always food.

The saying what doesn't kill them, makes them stronger...um, did they mean dirt? I guess it can't hurt as boys are made out of snails and frogs and puppy dogs tails, right? Dirt should fit right in!

My daughter also loves to find whatever she can off the floor but isn't very successful. We have a carpeted kitchen (yes, I know, who carpets their kitchen? well, it is on the project list and hasn't made it to the top yet) and so Little Man's job is to pick up food remnants after each meal. He does a three-year-old job as well as any three-year-old. It never gets perfect but that's why I vaccum.

Anyway, enjoy him and he will outgrow it - I promise. It may change as he grows but he won't eat off the floor forever. :)

Sandpiper said...

My 3rd baby and my 5th baby were scavengers, like little puppy dogs, they would begin to circle the table when the older ones would be eating!!

My 5th, who is 2yrs old now, will still help herself to any food she finds!

sahmto4orMore said...

Oh, I laughed over this post!

He is such a cutie and so very clever.

All of my kids have been scavengers and climbers.

Sometimes I think Hope throws stuff on the floor hoping to have it as "fast food" later on.

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