Saturday, September 20, 2008

Writing Class - 1st Assignment

I signed George up to take Writing Class which is through our homeschool group. He has participated for the past two years, you may remember his wax museum Patrick Henry speech from this past spring. Last week was the first class which was a Show & Tell and George decided to write about racing of course. We put pictures together of our summer along with a poster he has of all of the cars in his Daddy's Pro-Super Buggy class. This class is as much of a speech class as it is writing.

George was quite nervous and this time Pete went up with him to assist in holding the poster and pointing to the pictures as George talked about them. He did a great job for his first time in awhile. He typically memorizes his speech and then pretends he is reading as of course you can't look at anyone. George spoke clearly and not too fast. It will only get easier with each time. Pete and Re-Pete have decided that they would like to try this also so we'll see how it goes with the next month's assignment.

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