Friday, September 5, 2008

Two weeks of Odds & Ends

My Mom reminded me that I haven't blogged for two weeks so I thought  I'd list a few things that happened in the past two weeks.

1. We had a small fire on our hot water heater. It was around 11:30 p.m. on a Saturday night and I was checking to make sure everyone was covered before I turned out the lights. I went into the hall and there was a strange burning smell. I called my husband and he ran to the basement. He thought it was the dryer but it turned out that the panel of the hot water heater had burned and thankfully went out on it's own. After church on Sunday he picked up a new one and installed it right away with my Dad as he was heading to Alabama the next day. The old one had lasted 22 years and we are happy to have a larger one now as we ran out of hot water quickly with all of the baths and showers around here.

2. Hubby was in Alabama Monday and came home Tuesday but the kids and I spent the night at my parents house as I had a homeschool mtg. Monday night and I didn't feel like driving home (25 minutes) yet that night. That is always fun as we are then in town and I can run to Target and places like that in a few minutes time rather than having to drive in. The kids also enjoy camping out in the livingroom. We picked up my nephew and took him home with us for the day. Tank especially enjoys having his cousin over. The kids played all day in the sandbox much to my sister's delight. 

3. The Homeschool group meeting Monday night was exciting to see all of the opportunities available for the year. We are looking forward to writing club (okay, maybe just I am) and a music class being offered. There are also fun field trips as always.

4. I typically enter photos in our county fair and as each year, I wait until the last minute. I had started getting them ready two weeks earlier but couldn't come up with one that I thought I could win with as my favorites ended up a bit blurry. So, I took new ones and the kids were sick of my camera, printed them out and matted them. George and I took them over to the fairgrounds Wednesday night and had fun looking around as everything was being setup.

5. I finished up packing for our trip up North for the last race of the season and left on Thursday afternoon. I forgot to get a picture of our sleeping arrangements in the motorhome as I wanted to share that and this past weekend we stayed with my in-laws. One of these days.

More to come about our race weekend in another post...

6. When we got home we went to the fair on Monday along with my parents. I always enjoy looking at everything and I did get a 3rd with a grouping of four pictures I entered. I also sat for awhile at the MOPS booth with my sister who is a coordinator for a group. It is fun to sit and watch people and have time to actually sit and talk with my sister.

7. Tuesday was another dentist appointment. Turns out that after all of that work a few months back two of my teeth were in need of a root canal. I debated over and again if I would rather just have them pulled for various reasons but ended up deciding to go with the root canal. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be, although I am in a bit of pain now. I am hopefully waiting until next year for the other side. I am spending way too much time at the dentist!

8. Wednesdays we are in town as George has his reading lesson and he also cuts grass. We have church in the evening and when we got home listened to Sarah Palin give her speech at the Republican Convention. I loved listening to her! I don't know if any of you watch it but it was so cute when they cut to her little daughter holding her baby brother, licking her hand to pat down his hair. So sweet!

9. Thursday was spent as always working part of the day at the farm. It was rainy and cold but the kids loved it and were soaked. Tank had a rough day and ended up stung by a wasp.

10. I am not getting anything done today yet here I sit blogging. I need a break as Baby is quite fussy and needing to be held (my carrier is in the van with my husband of course). We both have thrush and let me tell you I am tired of it! I finally called to get a prescription for him as he passes it from one side of me to the other and I end up having to pump my milk due to the pain in nursing him. Baby is gassy as from what I read the yeast is in his gut and he burps quite a bit.

Tonight I plan to get the bookshelves emptied of anything we aren't using this year and put our new materials in place to get ready for our start of school Monday.

Now, I see that I had quite a bit I could have posted about almost each day. If you made it to the end, I sure hope I didn't bore you.

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