Thursday, September 11, 2008

First Week of School

"Welcome to the first day of our homeschool!" were the words that greeted the boys Monday as we officially began school. They giggled and snickered but we were excited to begin. Our schedule is still in rough draft as we have some modifications to make but we should be able to complete everything by lunchtime and then they have the afternoon to play. I had been preparing the boys of my expectations for them and was amazed that they took it to heart. They actually all made their bed, got dressed before breakfast and then completed their chores. I still have to add to their chore schedule and am using Chorepacks software for that which I hope will help and will avoid me having to constantly ask "did you do _____?"

The only problem I've had is with Missy Blue as she adjusts to the boys new schedule and only Tank to play with. She screamed about every little thing that didn't go her way on Monday and I had to stop and take care of that. Thankfully she has gotten better as the week progressed.

On Monday George was a help to me in making sandwiches for lunch while I finished up working on reading with the three younger boys. He made pj&j and cut each person's initial in the top of their sandwich. He is creative that way, well they all are for the most part. I think I let them play with their food too often, making creations. :)- Anyway, I need to get in the mode of quick lunches rather than always trying to make something.

Our curriculum for the year is:

-  Bible, History, and Science we are using My Father's World - American History and that is all-together. I love that it has a teacher's guide and everything all planned out for me.

Sequential Spelling
Queen Language Lessons
Italics Handwriting

Pete & Re-Pete

Reading Made Easy

Reading Made Easy
Various flash cards


Patiecake said...

What do you think of the sequential spelling? I have been very interested in that since it has been one of our weeknesses.

subbertfamily said...

How wonderful!! I'm so glad that its going well!! It makes it much easier then!!

Praying for another wonderful week!

Michelle in Japan

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