Sunday, March 17, 2013

Week in Review

There have been a number of little things that don't always seem worth a post in and of themselves so I thought maybe I should start an end of the week recap so I don't miss them.

I am attempting to make a few changes in the way we eat. While we totally revamped when Pete and Re-Pete were infants I have slacked in the past few years in some areas. A few friends have been making Kombucha and I decided I would try it as well. It is a fermented drink made from sweet tea. I won't get into the details of that in this post but fermented foods in your diet are very beneficial. The boys have nicknamed the SCOBY floating on top "omelet" and are getting a kick out of this. Now to get everyone to drink a little every day.

 photo kombucha_zps104271ab.jpg

Wednesday -- Little Miss was very excited that we were finally able to have a girls day with friends. We went out for lunch and then to a quaint shop in town where you can make your own lip balm, lotions, etc.

 photo making-lip-gloss_zps253ad646.jpg

Missy filled her own tubes with Root Beer flavored pink tinted lip gloss. They also made a body spray which is Missy's favorite. I made one too and hoped that her tastes were similar to mine so we could share. Wishful thinking I suppose but it was not to be. Her little nose gravitated toward the scents that I so dislike -- floral scents! At first she liked an awfully strong scent called Jasmine, so I pointed her to some seasonal scents and thankfully those were a little more tolerable. She settled on Blooming Tulip which is a very refreshing scent and now our house smells a little bit like spring.

 photo Girls-Day-Olivu_zps7b798170.jpg

Thursday -- The only meat we had was in the freezer so I searched for some meatless meal ideas and found something so simple but tasty -- Mexican rice and lentils that you scoop with tortilla chips. I knew it was a hit when one boy who has a comment about every meal I make, and not always pleasant, came up to me the next morning and told me that I made the absolute best meal ever and when could I make it again. Oh, I love when often complaining boys turn around and give a compliment! I thanked him over and again! And my appreciation for that has had an effect as he wrote me a note today with another sweet message. I keep praying that the Lord works on his heart and I am gradually seeing evidence of that. Thank You Lord!

Friday it seemed as if my brain was going into overload! Everyone was on fire with wanting to learn. I don't know what got into them and George even accomplished a week's worth of work in one day! But by the end of the day of Missy wanting to work on reading and me being a dictionary for the older boys as they were writing stories, I was getting so confused with all of the words going in and out. Ahh! I finally told them we all needed a break. The boys did finish their stories and Little Miss did yet another lesson in her book for a total of 17 that day! Thankfully John picked up pizzas for supper.

Saturday -- George and Re-Pete had a guitar recital. They enjoy playing together and this time they were joined by their friend from 4H. They improve with each performance and it is so fun to watch their faces full of concentration.

 photo guitar-recital_zpsc1ed192c.jpg

Sunday -- We aren't Irish, well, the kids might be as I think there may be some on John's side of the family. But I decided to get into a little fun of St. Patrick's Day and bought Lucky Charms for breakfast. George was shocked! I don't think I have ever bought it before. I am relieved that none of them liked it and prefer a tad healthier cereals. We ate at my parents house as we do almost every Sunday and I picked one of my favorites -- Pork Chops and Sauerkraut with mashed potatoes. Thanks Mom! It was delicious! Not Irish but we had the cabbage. Pete decided to make "George's jello" which is a broken glass type and that was our rainbow. Pistachio torte was for dessert.

That was our week in a nutshell. I did get a new washing machine but I will post about that as when I started typing it turned into too much for this post.

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