Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Toy Cars

We have quite the collection of matchbox cars from over the years. There comes a time between 12 - 18 months old when each of my boys have begun a fascination with cars. Matchbox cars are one of my favorite things. They are inexpensive, they fit in a purse and can go anywhere with you. And you can play with them anywhere: in the dirt, on a track, up and down legs, the possibilities are endless. Always boys with pursed lips "vrrrooommm" or other engine noises that they imitate so well. Zippy is now there.

 photo Cars-pile-up_zpsc8ab8cb4.jpg

He still has to have something to hold when he sleeps and now his choice is a toy car in each hand. He has them lined up in his bed in a sort of "garage" so they don't fall out of his bed. And the thing that fascinates John and I is that they all have to be lined up the same with headlights turned toward him. We try to sneakily move one the wrong way but he never misses a beat and turns that car right around. Everything must be just so before he will sleep.

 photo cars-line-up_zps6110d0ef.jpg

Zippy races them -- ready...set...GO! Oh, the excitement when they reach the end!

 photo cars---race-track_zps3677e69d.jpg

Lately Zippy has been found stuffing his shirt with cars.

What a full belly silly boy! What's down there?

 photo cars-mix-1_zps8b039796.jpg

Trying to get them out. "kuck!"(stuck)

 photo cars-mix-2_zps517b5ed1.jpg

Ahh! Relief. We couldn't believe he fit ALL of these down his shirt!

 photo Cars-all-out_zpse8c2d6e8.jpg

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