Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Jekyll and Hyde Toddler

The last three weeks with Zippy have been.... interesting. What began as a cold that made him unhappy turned into me wondering where my for the most part happy little guy went. He reminded me of Jekyll and Hyde in that he'd scream for awhile and suddenly would stop and be happy. We knew something was up because he did not want to go to Grandma or even Daddy. Zip was sometimes content with Pete but I was his main source of comfort but he always wanted me.

 photo grumpy-boy_zpsef79777a.jpg

It is during these times I feel like Zippy is my first child all over again. I see him pulling his ears and think maybe he has an ear infection but then again, he seems to pull his ears when he is tired. Then he'll pass some gas and I figure it must be an upset tummy. But then it also looks like he is cutting teeth. Or is he just getting naughtier and screaming to get his way? Ahh, the list of questions is endless.

In the end... I couldn't tell you for sure. Zippy did cut a few teeth so maybe it was that. But today I am so very thankful that my normal little guy is back! It sure was a trying few weeks and I am sighing a huge sigh of relief today! So happy that it was "something" and not just a new phase of behavior!

 photo Zippy-n-Seppy-tickle_zpse9841b13.jpg

 photo Zippy-Laughing_zpsf6148467.jpg

 photo Zippy-happy_zps49f5d3d5.jpg

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