Thursday, February 28, 2013

February In a Nutshell

Here is our busy yet fun month in review....

Missy was playing outside enjoying all of the ice in our field from the big melt then big freeze. She slipped and fell on her head. But as you can see she healed quickly.

 photo Missy-ice-bump_zps849e4987.jpg

Here she is at a birthday party at an ice skating rink learning to skate. Her brothers are in the background. The kids love skating so I have been on a quest to find skates for them. It also helped that a portion of our field turned into a rink. Pete had the best time and went out every chance he could.  Oh why didn't I get a picture?

 photo Missy-skating_zps644da280.jpg

My Valentine Chalkboard. Not an original design. I am good at copying things and putting my own spin on them.

 photo Love-One-Another-Chalkboard_zps4ce3b67e.jpg

I found this idea online (of course) and it was perfect for John. I pretended I was sleeping when he woke for his shower and snuck in the bathroom to put love notes on the mirror. He was so surprised and loved it! Would be fun and such an encouragement for your husband for any occasion. 

 photo Heart-notes_zps117c2351.jpg

And of course our Valentine meal. We also had a "red meal" at my parents house the Sunday before. After all the idea originated with my Mom but the pictures must be on her camera.

 photo valentine-meal_zpsa90fa236.jpg

And the highlight of our month was the 4H Music and Drama Festival. The kids worked so hard for this and they WON!!! I'll post more on that when the video is online.

 photo Kids-Life-opening_zps3865a106.jpg

Pete and RePete wanted to have a kids birthday party last year for their 10th but being that there wasn't any snow and they wanted to go sledding it didn't happen. Last month when it was their birthday the snow had melted but we were not disappointed and got enough for a lot of fun a month later.

I was looking for a Hobbit theme and came across a Settler's of Catan theme they liked better. She even had printable downloads to use to label the food and such.

 photo Catan-birthday_zps8a9c3ec9.jpg

The boys (12 in all) and one little girl went sledding first then came back to play Settlers of Catan and snack on food.

 photo Catan-birthday-boys_zpsdb72adb6.jpg

Then it was back outside to play "war". A favorite thing to play around here. And of course Little Miss gets in on the action too. John and I thanked Pete and RePete for including Missy and Seppy too in their party and they looked confused saying "Why wouldn't we?" I LOVE that everyone is included!

 photo Snowy-playing-war_zps56d80209.jpg
Here she is with her pink gun in hand. Makes me smile. :)

Maybe next month I'll actually get my pictures into individual posts. Haha!

1 comment:

Kidcraze said...

Oh, poor Missy! That is one big goose egg!

I love the chalkboard and I think I will have to borrow your post-it note idea to surprise my husband soon.

The Catan theme and how you pulled it off is amazing!!!! My oldest is turning 16 in a few weeks and he LOVES Catan. I am totally going to have do some of that stuff for him. Thank you for sharing!

Have a great weekend!

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