Thursday, January 26, 2012

Another Happy Birthday!

Another birthday in our house with Tank turning 8 years old! The birth of Baby makes Tank officially the middle child having three older siblings and three younger and as I probably have said before he really acts the part. As of late he has chosen the gang he prefers to spend time with and that is the younger set. (Although he does play with the older boys too). The kids are all planning who is going to sleep where when we ever get around to making the boys bedroom in the basement. It was going to be the four boys moving but Tank decided that he would rather stay upstairs and share a room with Missy and Seppy and they have grand plans for that, obviously far ahead of our planning.

Tank at 4 months. Love his round bald little face. 
Tank enjoys reading and lately it is the Tintin books. He is my only child who learned to read easily and took off with it and I was so thankful for that! He also enjoys lego building (who doesn't?) and playing football. John has said that Tank has a natural talent there.

This past year Tank has grown-up in a few ways. First, he is finally able to find his shoes before we leave the house and that is a major accomplishment! He also overcame his fear of thunderstorms for the most part and no longer throws up when he hears the thunder. This in part because of the storm we drove through on our vacation. We haven't seen any skunks lately so we aren't sure if that fear still exists or not.

Tank's favorite food has been the same for the past few years and is lasagne and he also really likes red peppers.

In looking through some old pictures and old posts I found something I wrote about Tank that you might enjoy reading. HERE 

Happy 8th Birthday my beautiful brown-eyed boy!

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