Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Mr. Manners

My husband put Christmas lights on the house this past weekend, something we haven't done in awhile. The boys were just thrilled and were trying to help out in any way they could. Our almost three-year old boy who I will call "Tank" was delighted! After arriving home from a Christmas parade he saw the lights on the house and said, "Dank Oo Daddy, putting ights on my ouse!"  We were happy to hear his thankful sentiment. Now each time we have returned home this week he again Thanks his Daddy for the lights.

Tank is also my child to catch you in a sneeze and right away say "GOD (with much emphasis), bess YOU!" Or to come up and whisper in your ear, "I wuv you!" What a joy to my heart! Thank you Lord for glimpses of a sweet little boy as he can be quite the patience tester too!

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KindredHeart said...

Yay! Welcome to Blogland, friend!

I look forward to hearing your insights and getting little everyday glimpses into your family life.

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