Sunday, January 1, 2012

December Happenings

December flew by so fast... for that matter the past four months have flown by so fast and my blogging is evidence of that because I never seem to have the time to update it. And too, having extremely SLOW internet service this past month means I cannot upload pictures. Today I am at my parents house where the wireless is so fast I don't know what to do first! :) Here are pictures of some of the happenings from the past month.
Luke lead the gang in making applesauce when I wasn't getting a move on it.
Our family with my Grandpa who still sits at the large red kettle at the mall during the Christmas season. As a little girl I always liked going to the mall to visit my Grandpa with his tape recorder playing Christmas music and handing out War Crys to the passersby. I have tried to continue that tradition with my children. The older boys and I also had a fun time ringing the bells with our 4H club.
Tank and Seppy getting ready to sing at the nursing home.
George playing his guitar at the nursing home.

Singing at the nursing home with other kids from church
My favorites that the children decorated.
All of us on Christmas Eve

Tank pouring sparkling grape juice for Grandma during our Christmas brunch.
Christmas day walking in a bit of a winter wonderland up the "rock road"

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