Saturday, January 14, 2012

Single Digits No More for Two Boys

Pete and Re-Pete have been counting down to their birthday and yesterday I was telling them that it was the last day of their entire lives that they would be in the single digits. It probably has more meaning for me in that it is a sign of how fast time is passing and they just laugh at my pretending to cry.
Pete sucking Re-Pete's thumb
It is nice to have a birthday on a Saturday as Daddy is home! Yay! We began the day with the requested breakfast I rarely make because is it not healthy in the least. Some people call it monkey bread ours is just caramel rolls. (White bread and brown sugar -- one of these days I'll make that one better for you too). We also had sausages and sparkling grape juice. The actual celebration is next weekend.

Pete and Re-Pete are 1 hour and 8 minutes apart in age and we had fun with that today. They are very similar in personality and are each others best friend. The bond is so close, although no, they cannot feel each others pain or know what the other is thinking. Being identical they still do things at the same time or very close to it. They wake at the same time in the morning before the rest of us, getting dressed right away and then often hop in bed with me when I finally wake up. They still have to use the bathroom around the same time. They both have the same response when upset and both enjoy math or anything to do with numbers. They both have struggled learning to read. Neither of them will wear the others clothes and are very possessive about that. (I guess they share everything else that this bothers them).

They also weigh the same (except during growth spurts when they maybe off a pound or two) and are the same height. They wear the same size shoe and have the same teeth loose at the same time.

They do have a few differences. You will almost always see Pete wearing his favorite color -- green and Re-Pete will be in orange. George would love it if they would try to trick people by switching shirts but they never agree to that. Re-Pete is more athletic and very competitive when it comes to playing football and he loves sports. He also likes to watch football with Daddy, any team that happens to be on. And while Pete enjoys it to an extent and especially the Packers he is not as intense. Pete enjoys cooking in the kitchen with me and also is a natural with little children. He will take Baby boy and hold him even when crying to get him to sleep. I also noticed yesterday how he took a puppet and came up behind the little ones having it give them kisses. Re-Pete does enjoy holding Baby too but not quite in the same way. Pete also enjoys gardening.

Some likes for both are: collecting football cards, playing games such as Settlers of Catan, Life, Risk and other games of logic. They can't get enough of building with legos and prefer to keep the models together.

Favorite foods --
Pete: chicken potpie, apple pie, granny smith apples
Re-Pete: hamburgers, pizza, apple slices (similar to apple pie), oranges

Happy Double Digit Birthday Boys! We Love You!!

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Kidcraze said...

Happy Birthday to the boys!!!!
That is so neat to see how they are alike and different. I had never thought about losing teeth at the same time.
If we ever get together, the boys will have have to play Catan or Risk together. My guys love those games, too.

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