Saturday, January 7, 2012

4 Months Old

Baby Boy you are now 4 months old and are more fun each day. You had a well-baby check-up and now weigh #16 lbs 2 oz. (can't remember your height at the moment) and have jumped again to the next size diaper and are wearing a size 3 which is where you will stay for awhile.

This cold of yours with a bit of a wheeze is still lingering on but it doesn't seem to bother you for the most part. In the beginning your Daddy and I were admittedly a bit nervous thinking back to a few of your brothers ending up in the hospital with RSV. We kept watching for signs of a the struggle to breathe but we knew you were in God's hands and we are so thankful He has protected you from that.

 You sleep great at night no longer waking for a feeding. And so it is consistent that you sleep from 10 p.m. until 7 a.m. and sometimes longer. I end up having to pump milk once in awhile to take off the major let-down as you choke so easily with almost every feeding but especially so the first one of the day. You still eat every 3-4 hours.

Your colicky symptoms are decreasing although at your check-up they gave us a sample of baby probiotics which gets to the root of the problem and that seems to help. The rest of us all take chewables and I had read about drops but hadn't looked for them. Kind of pricey but worth it to give you a healthy digestive system. I was also very happy that our doctor doesn't jump on the medicine bandwagon right away!

We know you are tired when you refuse to look at anyone. It is kind of amusing but you like to really study objects and if we call your name or try to get in line with your view you turn your head and avoid us.

You have rolled from your back to your belly a number of times but very sporadically. You do like to be on your belly and the kids are hoping that soon you will start inching forward and crawl. (Please not too soon!)

You have the sweetest little giggle and especially when Daddy or Grandma like to tickle you.

We love you little boy!

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