Friday, January 13, 2012

What a difference a day makes

The past few days have been gorgeous weather here! January typically has snow and cold temperatures but we have only a trace amount of white on the ground and that is only in the spots that never see the sun. And the temperature got up to 50 degrees for two days this week! I took advantage of that washing all of the sheets and hung them out to dry. They smelled fresh, although with a completely different scent than when everything is green and growing. I can't recall a time I have ever hung out laundry in the winter and I really could get used to it. But alas, the cold front came through and we now have 4 or 5 inches of snow today so back to reality we go. I must say having winter come so much later makes it seem more bearable. We'll see if I am still saying that come the end of February.

On another note -- I mentioned in Baby Boy's 4 month update that he has been wheezy. Well, that increased this past weekend and so we began breathing treatments again. That didn't seem to accomplish anything and I began brainstorming with a few moms. I ended up taking him to the chiropractor who said he was very tight and adjusted him. George got a kick out of watching his baby brother hanging upside down but Baby loved it and looked around as if nothing was out of the ordinary. She did agree with me that if he wasn't better by the next day I would take him to the doctor.

Happy Wheezer
Of course the wheezing continued and while we watched for any other signs of something serious like difficulty breathing, retracting chest, etc. our little guy remained happy, and was eating and sleeping well. But I took him into the doctor because obviously something was wrong. Our doctor was quite surprised at how his lungs sounded after seeing no visible sign of sickness other than the wheezing. She ordered a chest x-ray and that came back that Baby has pneumonia. John and I thought they would send Baby along with me to spend some time in the hospital but thankfully his oxygen level is normal and his breathing is not labored and we were not admitted to the hospital. He gets breathing treatments every 4 hours and is on antibiotics so should be on the mend. John in talking to Simon asked if he is so happy when he is sick how much happier will he be when completely normal. :)

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Gin said...

Hello! I was looking through blogs at HSB and found yours. Really like your new one--it's lovely. I know what you mean about HSB not being what it used to be. My old blog is still there: but I'm toying with moving mine completely too. Blessings, and I look forward to reading more here. in Christ, Gin

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