Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Words for Wednesday

I was reminded of this verse today.

Proverbs 14:4 "Where there are no oxen, the manger is clean."

In other words -- if I have no children filling my house I have no mess.

While I dream of a day when my house is no longer constantly needing to be picked up, I am relishing these days when I have young children to make those messes and create a lot of noise. I LOVE it! I know all too soon days of stepping on legos and washing marker from counters will be over... And I will miss it.


Kidcraze said...

Too true. And I will always have a pink markered house with the name of one of my girls drawn on the back of my leather sofa to remember these days :)

Michelle said...

Love it!! I often have marker all over the place!! I call it wall art!! Have a wonderful week!

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