Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Smell of Spring in a bottle

While signs of spring are slowly beginning to make their appearance I was in need of some scents to go along with it. Right now with melting snow giving way to mud and muck and all things rotted after being buried for the winter, the smells in the air are not exactly very pleasant.

Last night I was able to go with my sister and the MOPS group I used to belong to to an area shop where you are able to make your own lotions, body sprays, etc. all with good ingredients rather than the junk you find in store brand products. My favorite part of this is picking out what scent to add to my avocado whipped lotion. This can be a long process as there are probably 100 scents to choose from. I try to have my sister help me narrow it down but it is funny how different we are in what we like. She turns up her nose at my favorite and I wouldn't choose what she likes for myself.

Over time I have narrowed it down to maybe five that I select from each time but I have been longing for my favorite scent for awhile now, especially since it doesn't seem like a very "wintry" scent to wear. I found the bottle of Tomato Leaf fragrance and had it made into a perfume. Ahh, the smell of it makes me think of warm breezes blowing through my windows and of laundry fresh off the line. I am wearing it today and basking in the thought of warmer days ahead. Oh Joy and Bliss!


Kidcraze said...

That sounds so cool! I've never heard of such a it a nat'l chain?
I love the scent of tomato leaves. Is that what your final scent smells like?

Nikki said...

I love their avocado whipped lotion! I'm partial to the lilac scent this time of year, and like you, it causes me to dream and hope! Of course, today's weather helps, too!

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