Monday, March 21, 2011

Our Weekend to Remember

John and I have wanted to attend a Family Life Today Weekend to Remember for quite awhile. Being that it costs a little more than we wanted to spend the only way we could do it was to find at least one other couple to attend with us and then we'd all get half off the registration. I was so thrilled to find friends who were also eager to attend and so we all went this past weekend.

John and I had a great time together! We had a busy schedule but the speakers were excellent and so funny too that time flew by. Much of what we heard we already knew but it was just the thing we needed to remind us of a few areas that we both could use work on. The most helpful part was after each session there was an application project where we would answer questions on our own and then discuss them regarding the topics that had been presented which are not things we talk about very regularly.

My favorite project was writing a love letter to each other. Now at first when I heard that, I thought, what in the world would I write. It reminded me of the days when we were dating and actually did pull out a pen and paper and write endearing letters. I had pulled out John's senior year book last week and read what I had written and it cracked me up to read again. We have changed so much since those days but yet our love has grown stronger and as I reflected on that (and they also give questions to prod you on) I was able to write (almost the whole time in tears) a love letter to John. We then shared them with each other and it was pretty much a cry fest for me. But it was such a special time.

We did have time for dating too, although I felt like the whole time we were together we were on this big date. But Saturday the two of us walked hand in hand downtown and found a little coffee shop to have a tasty lunch. What a strange feeling to not have little ones pulling on our legs or holding our hands as we walked.The evening was free time and they encouraged us to have a nice dinner together, although being that we were still full from lunch we did something very out of the ordinary that the kids were shocked to hear -- we went out for ice cream instead but it was fun none-the-less.

Sunday we had a separate session for women and men and then came together again to talk about leaving a legacy. We ended in a tearful session for many in renewing our wedding vows and it was the perfect ending to a wonderful weekend that we will never forget.

I highly recommend every married couple attend a Weekend to Remember! You don't have to be struggling in your marriage to attend as we found it was just helpful to get us communicating better and to put our priorities back in line with each other coming before the children.

If you would like to attend check out the Family Life Today website. They have locations all across the US and if you would like to get half off as well you can register as a part of the group I started. You can attend any Weekend to Remember and do not need to be in our area . Click on the link to our group for more information --


Kidcraze said...

So glad y'all were able to do this!

Nikki said...

So glad you got to go and invest this time in your marriage, Amy!

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