Saturday, April 9, 2011

Another Grandpa turns 90!

Last Sunday we celebrated my Grandpa's 90th birthday! I am so blessed to have three of my grandparents still with me. And I am so thankful that my children are reaping the benefits of having such a godly example in their lives.

We had a big celebration and one thing I always enjoy at gatherings is a "program" with various family members participating. My grandpa loves singing and has a beautiful voice, although he claims that the stroke he had years back took his voice. He may not be as loud but I still love to hear him. When I was a girl I remember each time my grandparents would visit our church for a children's program or some such thing. No matter where in the sanctuary I would be I could always hear his tenor voice harmonizing with the congregation and it would bring a smile to my face.

Grandpa & Grandma with their remaining children. My Dad is in the burgundy shirt.

This time my Dad and his brothers sang one of Grandpa's favorites What a Day That Will Be and then at the end Grandpa joined in. It was beautiful and I think there were a few tears shed. "What a day that will be when my Jesus I shall see..." My Dad, Sister, George and I attempted to sing a song called Leaving a Legacy although we had a few problems with the out-of-tune piano and then at the end my emotions got the best of me and I couldn't sing a word. The favorite was probably when the great-grandchildren all sang the beloved children's song Jesus Loves Me. It was a special day celebrating a special man.

My Grandpa is not quite the same as he once was. Obviously he has grown older and with age comes change especially with the many physical struggles he has overcome. My cousin read a poem she wrote with all of the memories she remembered about him while we were growing up and I couldn't help but wish that my children could know the same man that I have known.

My cousin Jen, my sister and I used to have sleepovers at our grandparents house and oh the fun we'd have as Grandma brought clothes from the thrift store and we'd put on a fashion show with wigs and all. What a riot and Grandpa always had his camera and egged us on. Mornings we'd sneak down to catch him with his hair all a mess and flopped in front of his face as he combed it back and once in awhile he'd do his "tarzan call" for us. Around the breakfast table he would always lead in a devotional time and prayer. And a time or two he even took us on a shopping trip. So many years past but so many wonderful memories that are too numerous to write here.

Happy 90th birthday Grandpa! I am so thankful for you! I know you have had an influence on who I am today.

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Kidcraze said...

That is a beautiful testimony, Amy. What a blessing you have there and yes, what a day that will be!

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