Thursday, March 3, 2011

Red Clogs and Rice Krispy Sushi

From time to time I bring out Five In a Row and pick a book to read through for the week and learn more about. George and I read them all together years ago so it is fun to come back with the rest of the gang and reminisce in a way. This week it was A Pair of Red Clogs and so we learned a bit more about Japan. We combined it with another book from FIAR -- Grandfather's Journey. My favorite thing about this is we all sit together and enjoy good books. The little ones as well as the older boys enjoy the stories. I found a few other recommended books in the forums and so we read a few based on a true story about Japan as well. We really enjoyed the book about a loyal dog named Hachiko.

Missy has been running around the house this week singing "Kora Kora Kara Kara" the noise the clogs made, and I get a kick out of a whole new perspective on the story that a boy (at least mine) just doesn't pick up on. Everyone's favorite about this lesson was making Rice Krispy Sushi. I wanted to make Japanese food but quite a few foods are not appealing to me lately so instead we made a dessert. George was thrilled to go to the store with me to pick out things I rarely buy -- gummy worms, swedish fish, fruit rolls. I had a hard time checking out with so much junk in my cart. :)- Not a very enjoyable dessert as far as I am concerned but the children really enjoyed it or at least the idea of it. Most of them ended up taking it all a part and eating the candy separate. Re-Pete is the only one who has ever tried real sushi (on which he gagged) and he proclaimed this to be much better!


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Heather said...

So fun!!!! The rice krispy sushi looks like something that Samuel would enjoy bringing to school for a treat!

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