Friday, April 3, 2009

Show & Tell Friday -- Diaper Cake

It has been awhile since I did a Show & Tell. Why is it so hard to come up with something?

Anyway, this week my Mom and I made a diaper cake for a baby shower we are going to tomorrow. A friend called while we were making it and she asked if it was going to taste good. I told her "no, it is made out of actual diapers". When I told the children what we were making they were confused as well seeing as the only cake they have seen is one to eat. Since it is pink Missy thought it must be her birthday cake. :) In searching for ideas Mom found quite a few on my favorite website for birthday cake ideas (see sidebar). It was easier to make than we anticipated. The hardest part was deciding how we wanted to decorate it. It turned out cute though and is very usable, although quite pricey considering all of the diapers you need to buy (we added baby shoes too).

 For more Show & Tells visit Mary aka Canadagirl at Raising 4 Godly Men.


Haflingerhorses said...

This is gorgeous! I've seen this done once (just a month ago) by someone - I'd never heard of this diaper cake idea before. Your's "beats the cake". It's beautiful!


gowestx4 said...

I love the Diaper Cake but I am with the kids where is the one to eat!!! haha


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