Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fun With Our Guests

Sunday we had the college students over for dinner after church. Each weekend they come down from Northland Baptist Bible College in an extension program to help out in any way they can at church from teaching Sunday School to ministering in music. They stay overnight in peoples homes on Saturday and we try to have them over when we can. The children's favorite time though is when we have them for Sunday dinner. I think they would choose to do this EVERY Sunday if it were possible. We had a nice time and the kids loved it as they always play games and hide and seek and such. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't as nice as it had been but they still did go out riding on our golf cart.

This was the end of the ride. Everyone was a little cold when they came back inside.

Missy Blue is quite taken with the two guys. They are her friends -- "Nakin and Jar"

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