Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Missionary Wax Museum

Our homeschool writing class put on a Missionary Wax Museum last night. This is the highlight of the class and the children all seem to enjoy it. This year the children each chose a missionary they wanted to portray. Since Pete and Re-Pete were part of the class this year I chose a group of men so they could all be together and boost each others confidence.

I summarized for the boys the book “God Planted Five Seeds” about five men from New Tribes Mission who were martyred while trying to reach the Ayore tribe of Bolivia in 1943. They then decided who they wanted to be. They were Cecil Dye (Pete), Bob Dye (George), and Dave Bacon (Re-Pete).

We also served food from our country and so my friend who grew up as an MK in Bolivia told me a common thing to eat would be fried plantains. I could not find those so used very green bananas. The thing that surprised me was that she said to salt them. I immediately think of banana chips here that are sweet. They were quite good though and tasted much like a potato chip, although I couldn't get them quite as crisp. It was also interesting to learn that they do not eat many sweets in Bolivia. I wish it were that way here!

We enjoyed learning about many missionaries, some of whom we hadn't heard and of course sampling food from each country is always fun too!

I am trying to upload a video right now but seem to have problems with that lately. Check back later to see the boys give their speech. (I am adding just a picture now as the video wouldn't upload with our internet connection at that time. If you would like to hear it let me know and I can email it to you).


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Canadagirl said...

I loved hearing about this . Please let me know if you get the video up. [0=

I have been playing around still with templates. I am sorry I hadn't gotten back to you yet. I will let you know the place in the template where to adjust to move your side bar over. I have to admit it stumped me for a long time but figured it out.

Sending you blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSiC

In Him<><


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